Hera Shahab Tution teacher for commerce and English

I try to teach students within their comfort zone wifh maximum input given to attain maximum output.
I am not too strict as a teacher but I know how to maintain that decency with my students.
I explain topics to my students trying relating them with their daily life examples so that they can understand easily.
My students have always shown a progressive results till date.
I make sure that the time I am giving to my students is completely for studying and nothing personal work to be done at that time.
Thank you


  • English (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Commerce (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Economics (Beginner-Intermediate)


No experience mentioned.


  • MBA (Jul, 2015 - May, 2017) from Integral university Lucknow- scored 78%

Fee details

    4000-10000/month (US$56.31-140.79/month)