Lakshi Jayasekera Private Tutor / PhD Student

Currently being a PhD student in Cancer Molecular Biology at University of Colombo I have tutored over 25 students through out past 6 years with 90% Grade A rate. You will receive comprehensive training and in depth knowledge in both practical and theoretical areas of your subject along with revision material. My tutoring sessions are well structured and delivered with simplicity for your understanding: Along with books,Pass Papers, Fact Sheets, CDs and questionnaires as teaching material provided, different teaching techniques are used to match needs of each and every individual student. With extra attention paid for those in need, and regular assessments to track your progress, I guarantee you complete score in your paper as long as you complete your subject material.


  • Bio (GCSE-A levels)

  • Science and Technology (Grade 9-A levels)

  • Biotechnology (Grade 9-A levels)

  • Molecular Biology (A levels-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Diploma-Masters (Postgraduate))


  • Assistant Lecturer (Feb, 2015 - Present) at University of Colombo


  • Molecular Biology (Sep, 2017 - now) from University of Colombo

Fee details

    රු3,000-4,500/day (US$16.48-24.72/day)

    Based on area, duration of the session and the need of the student.