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Before Discuss About Our Topic Marketing Mix,Let Us know What Is Market?
The Ans.Is A Large Place Where Large No.of Buyers And Sellers Contact With each Other For Satisfying Their Needs.
Now We Will Discuss What Is Marketing Mix?

The MARKETING MIX deals with the way in which a business uses price, product, distribution and promotion to market and sell its product.

The basic marketing mix is often referred to as the "Four P's" - since the most important elements of marketing are concerned with:

Product - the product (or service) that the customer obtains

Price - how much the customer pays for the product

Place – how the product is distributed to the customer

Promotion - how the customer is found and persuaded to buy the product

It is known as a "mix" because each ingredient affects the other and the mix must overall be suitable to the target customer.

For instance:

High quality materials used in a product can mean that a higher price is obtainable

An advertising campaign carried in one area of the country requires distribution of the product to be in place in advance of the campaign to ensure there are no disappointed customers

Promotion is needed to emphases the new features of a product.


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