Priyanka Adhikary PhD scholar

I have a strong passion for the subject and teaching which I consider, are the essentials to be an effective teacher who can inspire students to learn. I am an empathetic person and understanding who can understand students' issues regarding the subject. Additionally, my work ethics and integrity are the qualities that make me a better mentor.
My teaching style involves interactive teaching and learning, discussion, and self learning method for students. Interactions during classes help students to personalize their requirements and needs as well as will to learn more. I follow student centered approach and focus on their issues regarding the subject.Homework and exercise are given to encourage students to think on their own and develop individual ideas. Students are given assignments such as formulating research questions, research problems, and research methods on the said topic. Anthropological theories and practices are taught with care. Rigorous reading and literature review are given as a part of exercise. I believe in freedom of choice in exploring ideas and concepts among students rather restricted them to what teachers want from them.


  • Anthropology (Grade 12-Masters (Postgraduate))


No experience mentioned.


  • Master of Philosophy (Sep, 2010 - Jun, 2014) from University of Delhi- scored 75%
  • Master of Science (Jul, 2008 - Aug, 2010) from University of Delhi- scored 69.1%

Fee details

    2000-5000/month (US$28.16-70.39/month)