arindam maiti Guitar Classes

Hi ! I am a Grade 4 guitarist from Trinity guide hall London. I have been passionate about music right since my school days. Looking for comprehensive and meticulous guitar training, look no further.

-I will train my student first, on mastering finger techniques with special focus on plectrum picking. This is fundamental to guitar playing.
-Then, slowly help to get tuned with guitar chords and scales.
-Later on i will teach my student how to read music and then implement those skills towards scale building. It has to be a step-by-step process made easy for the student.
-At last, it is a mutual learning process and a gradual way of progressing towards mastering the instrument.

-I did my GRADE 4 in Western classical guitar from Trinity Guide hall, London. --- in 2010
-I am a post-graduate in humanities from the University of Delhi. ---- in 2014
-I have performed in different college fests and for various events around Delhi. ----- (2008- 2016)
-Performed in IIT Mumbai (Mood Indigo) fest and came first. ----- (2009)

-I can also provide vocal training to make my student adept in grasping the melody of the song.


  • Guitar Teacher (Beginner-Expert)

  • Music (Grade 1-Grade 4)

  • English (Beginner-Expert)

  • Political Science (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Civil Services (Beginner-Expert)


No experience mentioned.


  • Masters In Political science (Jun, 2010 - Jul, 2012) from Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi
  • Grade 4 in Western classical (Jun, 2010 - Oct, 2011) from Trinity college London
  • B.A Hons Political science (Jun, 2007 - Jul, 2010) from Hindu college, Delhi University

Fee details

    700-1,100/hour (US$9.79-15.39/hour)

    At student's house it would be 1000/hour
    At my Place it shall be 700/hour