Asmaa mahmoud Qraan kreem

Teaching the Holly Quraan is my message so I'm patient and successful in this work.
You 'll memoriz the Holly Quraan with Tjweed easily by Mnhj noor el_bian.
I have Ijazah in Al Qiraat alsaaba and mtn Eltohfah and Eljazria. This message is my interesting and important thing I have.
after you memoriz all the Holly Quraan with Ahkaam, I can give you Ijazah and sannd connected with the prophet Mohamed pase be upon him.
I have Experience in this field for many years.
Trust me, You'll be perfect in the Holly Quraan in shaa allah.
I'm working with women only.


  • Tjweed (A level-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Qraan (A level-Doctorate/PhD)


  • معلم أول قرآن كريم بجمعية رعاية الحفظة بالمنيا معلم أول رياض اطفال (Sep, 2002 - Sep, 2006) at ليسانس دراسات إنسانية جامعة الأزهر
    Qraan and Tjweed touter.


  • ليسانس (Sep, 2002 - Sep, 2006) from El_mnia

Fee details

    £4-6/hour (US$0.25-0.38/hour)

    4$ hour


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