Ludhia Dsouza Teacher IB, ALevels, IGCSE, MYP

My set goal for my student is to reach the highest band descriptions provided. So all the skills required to reach there are researched by me and then taught to see the desired outcome.
By scrutinising student’s works, and spotting their weaknesses, I help them correct it and build logical and interesting pieces of writing.
To add to this, vocabulary enhancements, introduction of better sentence structures and organising written pieces into topic wise paragraphs, are taught here.
To achieve the highest dig the deepest! My motto
Stooping Low before rising high!
Preparing a firm foundation for a firm structure.
Come and scale heights!


  • English Literature (Grade 7-Grade 12)

  • IB English Language and Literature (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • IGCSE English Language and Literature (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • A level English Literature (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • A Level English Language (Grade 11-Grade 12)


  • Teacher (Jun, 1992 - Jun, 2017) at International Schools (Mumbai)
    Teaching at various International Schools
    Joined IGCSE when it first came into India
    Well versed with IG and IB syllabus


  • MA - Literature (Aug, 2017 - Jun, 2019) from Mumbai university, Santacruz East

Fee details

    2,000-3,000/hour (US$26.83-40.25/hour)


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