Pratima Roy Head and Chief Educator - Yesmindz (IBDP & CIE)

NJOYLEARNING ACADEMY marching a step ahead has transformed into YESMINDZ ACADEMY which provides classes for IBDP English Language and Literature,TOK, IB-MYP English, AP English, IGCSE, AS/A Level English, SAT/ACT English, IELTS/TOEFL, Professional English/Business English for the students of Grade 8- UG Level. Students from India,Australia, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore,Japan, Portugal, UAE, are the students who have benefited on this platform. Home-schooler and other students both find the experience enriching.

The multicultural experience helps the students grow open-minded and tolerant of others ideas by sharing ideas and thoughts during debate and group discussion activities online. The unique approach of 'Fun to learn" in a more disciplined and formal situation with an emphasis on quality rather quantity speaks it all.

The interactive approach with stern but friendly atmosphere allows space and scope to the students to participate in the teaching learning that aims to make them not just industry ready but ready to adorn the life-skills that are no less a survival skill in this globalized world.

Our objective is not just help the students to have the boring another hour of supplement class, but scaffold and nourish the learning that has been done in schools so that it enriches further.

This is run as a parallel school activity where the lesson planning and assessment is criteria based, and they are customized as per the demand and need of the individual student.The success rate of our online classes in IBDP English Language and Literature, TOK, IGCSE English, AS/A Level English, AP English, SAT/ACT, IELTS/TEOFL courses in group as well as one-one classes has been tremendously good with always top grades achieved by the students.

Although numbers count to get selected in any of the best universities, while dealing with students we do understand that it is literally dealing with humans.Therefore, as experienced and trained faculty the passionate teachers believe that every human is created unique with abundance of potential and that nourishment is replenished through the means of subject or language that is imparted to students. As greatness cannot be preached, it has to be experienced, I expect the students to experience the feel of the classes on njoylearning/yesmindz. Good luck!


  • SAT (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • IELTS Academic (Beginner-Expert)

  • TOEFL (Beginner-Expert)

  • IB TOK (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • IBDP English (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • Academic English (Grade 8-Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Cambridge English (A level-Grade 12)

  • Business English (Beginner-Expert)

  • IGCSE English (Grade 9-Grade 10)

  • Cambridge Checkpoints (Grade 7-Grade 8)

  • MYP English (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • ACT (Grade 10-Grade 12)


  • Head and Chief Educator (Sep, 2013 - Present) at Njoylearning Academy, Chennai
    Management, administration, Consultancy, Counselling, planning, observation, training and teaching . It is exclusively for international curriculum of English in IGCSE/IBDP/AP/ SAT/ACT/IELTS/TEOFL/Professional English.
  • IBDP Head and Coordinator (Apr, 2011 - Jul, 2013) at CPS Global School, Chennai
    Academic administration,Collaborative planning, TOK coordinator, English Language and Literature HOD (IBDP/IGCSE), teaching, training and workshop lead.
  • Academic Coordinator, (Jun, 2009 - Jul, 2010) at Kennedy High Global School, Hyderabad
    Coordination, NIE Coordinator, Cultural coordinator, Secondary School English Teacher, Magazine Editor and so on.
  • Secondary School Teacher (Jun, 2007 - Apr, 2009) at Silver oaks international School, Hyderabad
    Cultural coordinator, English department head, teaching and collaborative planning.
  • Secondary School English Teacher (Jun, 2005 - Mar, 2007) at DAV Public school, Hyderabad
    Exam coordinator, teacher, cultural coordinator, Magazine editor.
  • Head Mistress, (Jun, 2001 - May, 2005) at Rajdhani Residential School, Hyderabad
    Coordination, planning, academic administration, teaching and so on.
  • High School English teacher (Jun, 1999 - Apr, 2000) at Nagarjuna High School, Hyderabad
    Teaching and examination.


  • Research Scholar (Jan, 2019 - now) from Anna University
  • M.Phil English Literature (Nov, 2014 - now) from VELS UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI- scored 79%

Fee details

    800-1,500/hour (US$10.59-19.86/hour)

    It also depends on package details of which can be acquired on njoylearning website.


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