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I teach my students in flexible hours . And I do personalised teaching based on students grasping power and their other commitments . I make sure they grasp the foreign language . I also concentrate on pronunciation . Well planned curriculum and interesting way of teaching makes learning fun.
For A1,A2,B1,B2.1 I conduct classes based on the availability . I follow Goethe institute curriculum.
I also conduct small tests to ensure the student is on track . Every test is in most creative way .
Also I provide model test papers. I connect using Webex platform or Zoom platform. The classes can we conducted and adjusted according to the convenience and thereby we don't need to miss any class . Real time learning such as watching small videos and then discussing later about it makes the students learn the language faster and also in a fun way. I also take classes for K3, IB and GCSE level for younger students . I follow AQA german lower and higher curriculum . The kids will be given appropriate training in german language .


  • German language (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Tutor (Mar, 2015Present) at 6 years experience at home tuitions
    I have been teaching for four year . I teach from A1 level to B1 level . For one level, we will be having 35 classes .


  • B2 (May, 2013Jun, 2015) from Max Mueller Bhavan, Goethe Institutescored 75

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    650700/hour (US$8.899.57/hour)

    700/ hour

3 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo December 29, 2020

Un Expected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallo all, Brindaa Madam trainned me and my friends. we found she is having such a falicilation skills, so flexible in terms of TImming, Teaching methodology, Mam is so accommodative, though we have studied in Gothe-Institue, never come across such an dedicated Teacher. Also i found she is doing this, as she is absolutly Passionate towards her Profession. Mam, for sure i recommend you, who looks for German tutor.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Mahendra Daggumati.

User Photo December 28, 2020


Brindda helped me to gain knowledge in German A1, A2 and B1. She proved to me that the thirst for language is as equal as the learning. I could recognize the growth after each level and currently, I could communicate in German without any Grammatical errors. Brindda had made the class so interesting and lively. Thank you mam for your efforts. She also ensured the students are getting clarified and attempted to use the new concepts taught in the environment. She trained me not only with the grammar exercises and model test, but also indulged in day-to-day conversations, I feel that's the most important way of dealing with language. I am pleased to work with her and I'm looking forward to process my further levels with her.

User Photo November 28, 2020

Feedback for Brindha

Brindha trained me to take up A2 German. Untill I started getting trained under her I was so reluctant and hesitant to even make simple sentences in German, but now I'm really comfortable and confident enough to easily make sentences and phrases in German and with the right grammer structure, all thanks to Brindha. She's a very professional and flexible trainer and also a very easy approachable person so we don't have to be reluctant to even bring up very very basic doubts. She equipped us with many doable grammer exercises and also enabled us to perform model exams. I'm really glad to know her as a trainer and as a person. And Im looking to also seek her support for further levels.