P Value Biostatistician

We are a passionate group of people working in research and data analytics. We provide tutoring in Biostatistics, Programming, Research methodology, Business Analytics, Data science. We help in statistical analyze for medical students Doctors and every research scrollers. We have trained experts in tutoring analytics technics and to do the right analysis.

We have a great history of successfully completing analytics work for different agencies and universities. we had trained more than hundreds of students who are now placed around the globe. We even have a wide range of academicians for data modeling,machine learning, Blockchain.


  • Clinical SAS (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • R (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Statistics (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • SPSS (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Biostatistics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Programming (Grade 10-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Actuarial Science (Grade 10-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Big Data (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Data analysis (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Data analytics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Business analytics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Data Science (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Data Visualization (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Biological and Medical Science Research (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Business Statistics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)


  • Chief Programming Manager / Biostatistician (Jul, 2012 - Feb, 2018) at Pvalue solution Bangalore


  • Biostatistics (Jan, 2010 - Jan, 2012) from St Thomas College Pala

Fee details

    300-2000/hour (US$4.19-27.95/hour)