Ramachandran M Private Tutor

Just to know the subjects by intellect way. Writing concepts by own way is a fun in learning. Critics and propositions can be made while learning subjects and themes of ideas.
Making scores in subjects equal the knowledge of representation of subject matters.
Learn and yearn the knowledge and wealth.
Do the style of understanding and using memory by way of stories and incidents through live cases of economic activities.
I evoke them by lazy to easy go. Prompting them to the part of examination and life skills of the subject. All the best.
Knowledge is the way of life and it's standard. Beyond thinking the actions towards the success and priorities will boost the human to the civilised and lovable to the people and their future.
Leaders will not think to do any to people. They do for people to live better than their expectations with ethics.
So the students and their deeds should go with hand by hand and heart by heart to the zenith of excellence.
Power the people and they will empower the generations.
Today's ideals will become the life style of followers. So we sow the seeds of good and health.


  • Economics (Beginner-Expert)


  • Secretary (May, 2007 - Present) at Nalandha Educational Services
    Running the institution


  • Economics (Jun, 2006 - May, 2007) from Periyar University, Salem- scored First clas

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    250/hour (US$3.56/hour)

    May be