International Master Soham Das Professional Chess Player, Coach & Chess Promoter

I'm International Master Soham Das, My Peak Live Elo Rating was 2411 and my Best German Rating was (ie; DWZ 2420) ... I'm highly ambitious, motivated, passionate for chess, very systematic and well organized... Skillful... time-saving oriented ... Creative and innovative. I have a vast and huge experience in chess in each and every aspect and look forward to gaining more and finally last but not for the least I'm a very hard worker. I won some of the prestigious chess tournaments including; 1st place in "Mendrisio Schach Festival 2019" in Switzerland, Joint Champion in "OIS Munich Masters 2019" in Germany, etc. Also, I've beaten and drawn against great grandmasters 2600+ including Landa Konstantin, B. Adhiban, Branko Djamjanovic, Pavlovic and many more. Some of the student's success stories include ... Simon Reinhard (0 - 2247DWZ) First rating, Stefan Trinkl (gets his first ELO Rating 1814 just in 3 months!!!), Siri Marleen Prinzen ( from 1520 Elo gained appx 200 Elo Rating points just in 1 month!!!) and so on. So I'm looking forward to teaching you guys and bring your dreams to come true. Best Regards Soham


  • Chess (Beginner-Expert)


  • Chess coaching, projecting & designing chess lessons & courses, and promoting (Nov, 2018 - Present) at SK Tarrasch München 1945 Schachklub & Schachsport Union Innsbruck
    I'm an International Master in chess and wants to be a world champion. Now since the 2 last years, I'm in a mission of chess coaching, projecting highly intensive & instructive chess lessons & courses and promoting chess and also look forward to keeping it part-time. I am mainly attached to the "SK Tarrasch München 1945" chess club & now "Schachsport Union Innsbruck" chess academy and doing the same job. I've been already over 60 countries and over 10 countries for promoting chess and was quite successful. Apart from that, I have also very recently officially launched my online chess school " " & having already 54 paid members just in 2 months when seems to be quite successful to me!


  • C-Schach Trainer (Aug, 2019 - now) from BSJ München

Fee details

    20-50/hour (US$22.47-56.18/hour)

    It varies on certain topics,course contents and elements and ofcourse the student's level.


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