kunal kumar Physics expert

I have learnt from some of the best teachers and self being and IITian and a KVPY scholar, I know well how to deal with complex concepts and how to simplify them for easy and lucid understanding.
To make equations and concepts attractive is what I know. For me, Physics is something that everyone will love to learn and enjoy as well, if the teacher teaching you is helping you embrace the beauty of the subject and shows you the eternity of the subject.
Myself being one of the board toppers at 12th standard know how to manage board and competitive exams at the same time.


  • Physics (Grade 9-Grade 12)


  • Doubt Assist as tutor (Jun, 2018 - Present) at Toppr Community


  • B.Tech (Jun, 2017 - now) from IIT(BHU) Varanasi- scored 9.52 CPI

Fee details

    100-200/hour (US$1.43-2.86/hour)