Hindol Chattopadhyay Sitarist/Hindustani classical music teacher

I teach sitar in a very lucid manner for the beginners and I teach other instruments in the intermediate or advanced level; while teaching the beginners, I used to start with Sa, Re, Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa; Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa; the first one is the Aarohon and the other one Aborohon---i.e. the Ascendant & Descendant musical notes respectively; and, of course, I always teach students with various paltas i.e. swars/notes based on permutations & combinations on respective Ragas to make the instrument so handy. I belong to Etawa/Imdatkhani Gharana and am willing to teach Hindustani Classical Instrumental music in GAYAKI FORM; I give 100% effort towards my students and help them in their each and every difficulty. I expect my students to give their hard work and effort towards this instrumental music as advised by me. The student should give minimum effort at least 1 hour and if one wants to flourish in this very subject then he/she should give 18 hours in the practice session......My invented ragas viz. Pitambari, Ashrusinchan, Veerbhadra and Palash Bahar...Raga Pitambari was broadcasted by World Wide Radio,Surtarang, Wolverhampton..


  • Hindustani Classical Music (Beginner-Expert)


  • Sitarist (Jul, 1972 - Present) at Gandhar Pancham
    Hindol Chattopadhyay is considered one of the most engaging, intelligent and talented instrumentalists of ETAWA (IMDADKHANI) GHARANA in Hindusthani Music. His masterly conception of the grand design and architecture of the ragas has enabled him to innovate within instrumental form, and this is especially evident as Hindol's created Raga PITAMBARI was broadcast by SURTARANG,Smt. Maitreyee Sarcar HF FRSA Wolverhampton on 12 September 2012 WORLDWIDE.
    Hindol chattopadhyay performed in so many PRESTIGIOUS CONCERTS in INDIA & in USA from March 27, 2013 to May23, 2013....Learn Quest Music Conference, Boston...Indian Classical Music & Dance Society, Raleigh, NC...in Washington Dc, Shiva-Vishnu Temple ... in Rochester, NY, Indian Community Center ... in Detroit, University of Michigan...Omaha, NE, University of Nebraska ...Rutgers University, New Jersey..Portland, OR, ShankaraMusic Academy. Ragamala's programme in Seattle..in San Francisco May 5...in Madison---Kalaanjali-School-of-Indian-Dance ...University of Florida--Gainsville.New York--new york city..etc


  • Sangeet Visharad (Jul, 1995 - Jan, 2000) from Sangeet Visharad

Fee details

    500-1500/hour (US$7.16-21.48/hour)

    For foreigners, the minimum teaching fee is ₹4000/hr.
    To perform in concert, airfare along with ₹100000 and to perform locally ₹50000 along with travelling expenses.