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I am confident in handling classes for Malayalam (read, write and speak), English (Read, write and speak) Arabic(read and write, speak), Hindi(Read, write and speak), Tamil(Read, write, speak) I love teaching because teaching is in my blood. My sisters are Teachers,and it is my Passion.

I believe that a person become complete when he impart his knowledge to others.. Language teaching is an art. Especially mother language .I have patience to teach even from beginners or from grade one students to the experts.If you are looking for an Arabic, English,Quran and Islamic studies Teacher, Your best choice is me

I can teach Malayalam, English,Hindi, and Tamil languages, its alphabets, vocabulary, conversations through English. I am very passionate in teaching, those who are willing to attend regularly in my classes could study basic Malayalam within three months.
I have more than 3 years experience in teaching Malayalam, I had students from other countries as well.
I can help them to improve in their communication skills. I will teach them with simple shortcuts so that they can learn completely and strongly. Mainly I am concentrating on teaching Malayalam, English, Hindi, Arabic and Tamil languages to read, write, and speak

I am still teaching students of grade 12 for all subjects .I am capable of guiding a student not only in the studies but also in choosing the right direction regarding the future career prospectus ..I would like to help students with their Homework, Assignments and other topics within my ability. Open to any number of doubts, and i am confident. I can teach my students with my maximum ability,
we are an extremely professional group for teaching young children from KG till 12th grade for all subjects. Our team comprises of professionals who are highly qualified in their respective fields. Further, our empanelled tutors will empower you with their knowledge and teaching expertise, with the best and the latest learning resources. We have helped more than 1000 of students improve grades, gain confidence, and accomplish their academic goals.
I have a lot of experienced teachers for preparing assignments
We can do exam help also,
Flexibility and availability for urgent school tests and quizzes in addition to the regular sessions. I would like to humbly state that all my students and their parents portrays our quality and flexibility.

.Apart from a teacher I will be a good friend for them also .I am looking students those who requires special care and attention for building the basis of subjects at early age .I have the ability to understand concepts to others very clearly I will plan the method of teaching only after understanding the requirements of my student

.Over the years I have learned some tricks and tips that have helped me immensely. And while I don’t claim to be the world’s best instructor.

I have a Digital pen to help you in your writing Requirements. I am an expert to make the assignments and home works. Collaborative and cooperative learning strategies with a lot of innovative learning methods shall be applied in the classroom so that their education would not be limited to the four walls of a conventional classroom.

Teaching will be equipped with full notes and other such materials that will make the students to have a better understanding about the subject. I will hold one-on-one conversations with you to improve spoken skills and build a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of English.
I will definitely help you to make assignments
Up to college level

All teachers are highly qualified possessing excellent teaching skills. .

Active Tutors- 100+

Active Students - 200+

5 demo classes absolutely free, you can select your comfortable teacher

For academic subjects free demo class will be arranged the student decides whether to go ahead with the teacher.

We use conferencing tools and interactive virtual board for delivering classes.

All class notes can be sent to the student after the session.
Regular homework and monthly assessment will be done. We have experience in handling all kind of students

please feel free to contact me
You will get instant reply

please come and join a demo session, I am confident I can definitely help you

Have a great learning

Thank you


  • Maths (Beginner-Expert)

  • English (Beginner-Expert)

  • Hindi (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Chemistry (Beginner-Expert)

  • Arabic (Beginner-Expert)

  • Economics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Tamil (Beginner-Expert)

  • Kannada (Beginner-Expert)

  • Malayalam (Beginner-Expert)

  • Accountancy (Beginner-Expert)

  • All subjects up to 5 class (Beginner-Expert)

  • All subjects for children (Beginner-Expert)

  • Malayalam reading (Beginner-Expert)

  • Basic computer (Beginner-Expert)

  • القران الكريم (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • All subjects from class 7 to 10 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Spoken Malayalam (Beginner-Expert)

  • Spoken english and communication skills (Beginner-Expert)

  • All Subjects from Lkg till Class 5 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Physics (CBSE) 12th Standard (Beginner-Expert)


  • Malayalam study materials writer (Dec, 2019Mar, 2020) at Study at chanakya
    I have good experience in Malayalam assignment writing,
    I can make notes for students upto college level
    I prepared notes for 8,9,10 th classes
    Malayalam for study at chanakya
  • Online Teacher (Jun, 2016Jan, 2019) at Growing Stars Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Cochin, India
    Work as Online Tutor
  • TEACHER (Jun, 2011Jan, 2019) at Online tutions for all subjects
    I'm an online tutor, I can teach students upto 12 th std,
  • Assignment work (May, 2010Mar, 2020) at Mahatma Gandhi University
    I can manage all types of assignment works
    I'm running an online tutoring company for All subjects
    I have alot of experienced teachers to help with online sessions and assignments


  • Aflalul ulama (Jun, 2018Mar, 2020) from Tharbiyyathul Islamscored 90 percent
  • DEO (Apr, 2016Apr, 2017) from INFOCOMscored 90 PERCENT
  • DTP (Mar, 2015Mar, 2016) from G TECH COMPUTER EDUCATIONscored 95 PERCENT
  • MA Malayalam (Jul, 2014Mar, 2016) from IGNOU Cochinscored 90%
  • Msc CHEMISTRY (Jul, 2008May, 2014) from Bharata Mata College Thrikkakarascored 85 PERCENT

Fee details

    3001,500/hour (US$4.0320.16/hour)

    300 TO 1500 RUPEES PER HOUR

58 Reviews
4.9 out of 5

User Photo January 15, 2022
Payment verified US$ 4.03 (300 INR)

Learning to speak Malayalam

Fousiya is a patient teacher. She programmes the curriculum as per your requirement. Look forward to speak Malayalam efficiently under her guidance.

User Photo January 13, 2022
Payment verified US$ 4.83 (360 INR)

Patient, Interesting and Creative in her teaching

Fousiya is patient and very creative in her way of teaching. She was able to understand my level in the first class itself and has tailored the class accordingly. Her style of teaching is informal and she was able to make me very comfortable right away. She also has resources that she shares, which make the class interesting and extremely effective. I highly recommend her!

User Photo January 12, 2022
Payment verified US$ 6.32 (471 INR)

So grateful

Fousiya is a kind and patient tutor who's obviously experienced in helping you learn a language. She uses stories so you remember the vocabulary and customizes the class to your needs and pace. I'm very grateful to have found her and am loving everything that I've learned so far. Highly recommend!

User Photo September 26, 2021
Payment verified US$ 5

Best tutor!!

Fousiya has been helping us and teaching a lot of students. All the students are very happy with her training & teaching skills. Cannot have a better tutor than Fousiya

User Photo July 22, 2021
Payment verified US$ 5

Very passionate, creative and understanding tutor

Fousiya is a very passionate teacher skilled with the art of teaching and very knowledgeable in malayalam. She understands the requirements and frames the syllabus accordingly, very flexible and finds innovative ideas to make the class interesting and more motivative. Fousiya is an undertanding and student friendly teacher recommend her for all Malayalam learners.

User Photo May 30, 2021

Malayalam reading

I'm from tamilnadu and I can understand malayalam.i joined fousiya's online class to learn malayalam reading from basic.she is a very passionate teacher.In 8 classes I started reading malayalam.she had designed the class based on my priorities and I was able to learn quickly.Thank you

User Photo May 28, 2021

Great quran tutor

She is a great quran teacher, very friendly with my child and she had a good knowledge about the pronounciation and meaning of all suraas

User Photo May 3, 2021

Online Tutor

I am from Malaysia. I can understand Malayalam a little. . I wanted to learn how to speak Malayalam to my kids & relatives. The class was interactive & flexible to cater to my needs. In just 8 classes I learnt quite a lot of words n how to apply on sentences. Thanks to Fousiya i have started to speak Malayalam with more confidence.

User Photo May 2, 2021
Payment verified US$ 10

Excellent Malayalam Tutor

I have been learning Malayalam from Ms.Fousiya for 2 months now. While, I had basic understanding of spoken Malayalam, I had no idea about letters. Fousiya had a specific customized learning plan for me and taught me to read and write within the 2 months. I thank her for all the help. I will recommend her for anyone looking for learning Malayalam.

User Photo April 12, 2021

review- Malayalam teacher

I would like to recommend Fousiya Shiyas to all students who want to learn Malayalam. In my opinion Fousiya is a dedicated teacher who can help advanced students and total beginners

User Photo April 7, 2021
Payment verified US$ 5

Great Language Tutor - Review from Washington, DC

I am based in Washington, DC, and have been learning spoken Malayalam from Fousiya for a few months now. She has experience with a wide variety of students both beginner and experts and from many different countries. I had no prior knowledge of Malayalam or any other Dravidian language before I started. She was able to adapt her teaching style based on my level of comfort. She is very proactive in communication and flexible with her schedule. She has been very accommodating of my US-based timezone. I highly recommend her to all looking to learn Malayalam or any other subjects that she offers to teach.

User Photo April 5, 2021
Payment verified US$ 5

Great support for my work- Review from Malaysia

Fousiya's a great tutor, flexible, adaptable and skilled in Malayalam. I am an adult learner and trying to improve my Malayalam for research work purposes. Fousiya's very flexible to my needs and has also helped translate material from English to Malayalam, for my projects.

User Photo April 3, 2021

Review from US-Amazing teacher!

My friend recommended Fousiya when I was looking for a Malayalam teacher for my daughter who is raised in US. She is very patient and sweet with the kids. She is very passionate about what she is doing and approaches each kid differently depending up on their skill set. She clearly communicates with parents about the kids progress and what we need to take care to improve their language proficiency. It was a very pleasant experience to work with Fousiya .

User Photo March 20, 2021

Fousiya is an expert Malayalam tutor! A review from Australia!

As someone with no experience speaking Malayalam, but a keen interest in learning, I was nervous about beginning. Thankfully, however, Fousiya has been extremely supportive from the start, and with her help I am beginning to speak Malayalam! I am a University lecturer in Australia myself, with experience teaching large courses across a range of subjects. I have been impressed by Fousiya's teaching style, and her dedication to me and all her students. Fousiya makes the time to tutor me multiple times per week, focusing on basic understanding of words, conversation, and pronunciation. Fousiya's passion is teaching, and I am sure that she throws herself into all subjects that she tutors. I really like Fousiya's style, her expertise, and her kindness. I highly recommend Fousiya as a tutor!

User Photo March 4, 2021


she is really professional when it get's to do your assessment or anything that includes English, Great job.

User Photo February 15, 2021

Amazing tutor! Highly recommend to everyone

Fousiya is a amazing tutor. She is so fast at replying to all my messages and my questions. I highly recommend to everyone. She is honest and truthful, and she will do everything she can to help you. She especially helped me so much with my assignment/homework. She is very fast and accurate. I highly enjoy working with her. Thank you fousiya for all your help!

User Photo January 29, 2021
Payment verified US$ 5

Professional malayalam tutor for school subjects

I was looking for a teacher for malayalam to teach my son for his school portions as he had difficulty in that subject. I found Maam Fousia and since then his malayalam is improved noticeably. She's a dedicated professional in teaching and is doing her job well. I would recommend ma'am for anyone looking for a good teacher.

User Photo January 9, 2021

Good teacher for Arabic!!

She helped me a lot to read and write Arabic scripts!! Very patient and friendly!! Great to learn from you!!

User Photo December 24, 2020


Fousiya Madam extremely great teacher for my daughter. She is smart and intelligent also Great teaching skills.

User Photo December 23, 2020

Good teaching skills

Ma'am is very gentle and patient. She teaches through read along and speaking skills which is very easy and understanding. I'm learning malayalam from her and hoping to speak and understand fluently soon!

User Photo December 23, 2020

Malayalam online teaching

Smart and intelligent. Good teacher

User Photo December 22, 2020

Excellent online teacher

Very professional and sincere teacher. Great teaching skills. Teaches school based Malayalam.

User Photo December 21, 2020

Wonderful to work with

Fousiya has been a great online Malayalam tutor for my son. She is very friendly and approachable and very receptive to feedback and suggestions. My son enjoys his classes with her and is slowly but steadily learning Malayalam which makes us very happy.

User Photo December 21, 2020

Malayalam classes

Excellent teaching and very helpful classes

User Photo November 23, 2020

Fantastic teacher!

I am really glad that Fousia is teaching my kids their mother tongue - Malayalam. They are enjoying the classes and learning rather quickly.

Highly recommended!

User Photo November 6, 2020

Wonderful and Kind Tutor!

Fousiya Madam has been wonderful! I have already learned so much and am very excited to continue learning Malayam with her. She makes learning fun and has plenty of patience. As a teacher from New York City myself, I have a great respect for Fousiya Madam. Her kindness is heartwarming. The extent of her knowledge and expertise is impressive. Thank you for everything!

User Photo October 17, 2020

Best Malayalam Teacher

Ms. Fousiya has been teaching spoken Malayalam for a month or so and I'm seeing great improvements. She is very friendly, patient, kind, very flexible with class timings, and also adapts to change based on the requirement of the student. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.

User Photo October 3, 2020

Great Teacher with Varied Skills

Thanks madam for having nice classes with you. very interactive sessions and assigns more test works and classroom works that's help students to get it more clear and perfect in subject. using latest teaching tools and techniques which will improve students capability. you can ask n number of questions that's not testing her patients but will get you smiling face. Thank you

User Photo October 1, 2020

Great English Teacher

Fousiya madam extremely great teacher for kids, very supportive as per the needs. Each classes make different and interactive.
Thank you madam!

User Photo September 28, 2020

Good Knowledge & Friendly Behaviour

Fousiya madam made easy. She has good marks in examination. She is very knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly recommend Fousiya Mam. Thanks a lot Mam.

User Photo September 23, 2020

A teacher who can teach all ages.

Miss Fousiya is a great teacher to teach malayalam, and we can see a lot of improvement after just a few short weeks. She is patient, flexible and able to provide a comfortable learning environment. She is very knowledgeable and can answer our questions about the language with ease.

User Photo September 23, 2020

Great teacher

Ms. Fousiya has been teaching malayalam to my 9 yr old for the last 2 months. She is very patient with him and I have seen a marked improvement in his speaking since I have enrolled him in classes. She is also very flexible with her schedule.

User Photo September 22, 2020

very sweet

we had some classes with my 5 year old, she is very sweet, patient & firm when needed to be. recommended 👍🏻

User Photo August 2, 2020

Patient Malayalam teacher

Fousiya taught Malayalam basics to my kids 5 yr old and 8 yr old and was very kind and patient with them especially with my 5 year old who would never sit still for a lesson. Thank you!

User Photo July 31, 2020

Encouraging teacher

I live in Singapore, initially can understand little bit(Kuraichu kuraichu) of Malayalam conversations with my Malayali friends and colleagues. After pursuing 1 month of Malayalam learning sessions from Ms.Fousiya, I could able to comfortably understand and speak Malayalam, can pick up 75% of the conversations and started conversations with my Malayali friends and colleagues. Thanks to the teacher Ms.Fousiya. Adhyapikaikku nanni.


User Photo July 21, 2020

Good Teacher

Fousiya has been teaching my daughter Malayalam for 2 weeks now. Very happy with her services.

User Photo July 17, 2020

Exceptional and supportive Malayalam teacher

Fousiya is one of the best teachers that I have ever had the pleasure of taking classes from. Each class I learnt more than I expected and after a short time I had a vocabulary that I never imagined I could achieve in such a short time. The lessons are so helpful and Fousiya is always patient and makes learning a new language very enjoyable. I am really grateful for finding such an amazing teacher that will allow me to advance in learning to speak Malayalam.

User Photo July 17, 2020

Very good teacher , handles kids easily

Fousiya is an excellent teacher, she has good ability to teach according to our needs , My kids are very motivated and excited that they can learn Malayalam very soon after attending her class. I will recommend her for beginners.

User Photo July 4, 2020

A committed teacher to learn Malyalam from

I enjoy learning with Fousiya. Her strengths for a mature learner is that she is flexible, adapts to my learning needs and is committed.

User Photo June 18, 2020

Great Teacher

Very good teacher, teaches in an ordered fashion that is easy to understand and explains questions thoroughly. Will make sure you understand before moving on. Very patient and kind. Would highly recommend having her as a tutor. I have seen quite the improvement in my Malayalam speaking skills in a few months. Is also very flexible with timing so its easy to work around my busy schedule!

User Photo June 11, 2020

Malayalam made easy

Elegant,smooth delivery of lectures....would definitely recommend for someone , who wanted to learn the language from basics...

User Photo June 10, 2020

good and patient

fousiya is a patient and a good teacher. she teaches quaran to my 4-year kid . she takes time and is patient with my children.I looking forward for more classes

User Photo June 10, 2020

Excellent Teacher

She is a good Malayalam teacher who directs lessons based on your understanding and entertains students so they are excited to learn Malayalam. She teaches how to speak, as well as read and write in Malayalam. Now I am confident to speak, read, and write in Malayalam. I am a British student.

I Whole-heartedly recommend Mrs. Fousiya for both beginners and advanced Malayalam students. She can adapt to the needs of many students and will stop at nothing to make sure the student is confident in Malayalam.

User Photo June 8, 2020

Helpful and Effective

Fousiya is very patient with me and I’m comfortable with asking her questions in class. She is straightforward and covers useful content in my Malayalam class. I would definitely recommend her for beginners.

User Photo June 8, 2020

Fousiya made easy

My personal Malayalam Language Tutor Mrs.Fousiya
Is doing great and made easy,lovely tutoring.
Very affordable and prefers our own timings. This is awesome.

User Photo June 8, 2020

Super accommodating, friendly and efficient!!

Fousiya has been teaching me Malayalam. She has been amazing so far. She is extremely patient and accommodating with the hours, learning speed and learning styles. For someone like me who knows nothing about the language, I can guarantee for anyone who wants to learn malayalam, to contact Fousiya first, as she can get you to learn conversational statements in just a very few classes. I am looking forward to the future classes with her and I plan to drop in another review as well, with the progress after some more classes. Through this, I would also like to thank Fousiya for her dedicated time and effort towards my learning.

User Photo June 3, 2020

Very understanding

She handles the kids very nicely and make them understand each and every line of any surah. Helps them to learn easily. Explains with lot of patience and supports and corrects them whenever needed.

User Photo June 3, 2020

Great Tutor

She is a nice and friendly tutor who is also patient with her students. She will break down her lessons for her students to understand better and her explanations are easy to understand. I would recommend.

User Photo June 2, 2020

Nice class

Was very friendly with my child so she was comfortable during the class

User Photo June 2, 2020

Very good Teacher

She is a very nice teacher. My kid is learning Malayalam from her. She knows how to handle kids and sincere in her job. My kid love her. Thank you Fousiya!

User Photo June 1, 2020

Nice teacher

Fousiya is a good teacher for malayalam teaching and in a week i could able to learn basics of malayalam with ease.

User Photo April 29, 2020

Excellent Malayalam teacher

I would wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Fousiya for anyone looking for a great Malayalam teacher. She is very knowledgable and knows how to teach kids in a fun way.

User Photo April 29, 2020

Really helpful

She is a good teacher. she is empathetic and punctual in her duty. she gives special care and attention to students.

User Photo April 29, 2020
Payment verified US$ 6.68 (500 INR)

Teaching Qran and Religious basic concepts

Ms. Fousiya helped my daughters to give a good training to bring their interest to study Quran and basic concepts of religion, importance of our existance, our duties in aspect of Islam etc.

Thanks for your support.

User Photo April 23, 2020

Alhamdullilah! She is a dedicated and a great teacher to have.

May Allah bless her in this beautiful journey of teaching quran!

User Photo April 23, 2020

Nice teacher

Fousiya is helping my son with improving his Malaya skills..she is a good teacher..she is friendly, professional and knows very well to handle kids. our son is happy to attend her classes and he is learning well..

User Photo April 20, 2020

Good teacher

Good helping my son learn the foundations of speaking Malayalam. We have been very happy with her both for her teaching abilities and for scheduling lessons. Very responsive.

User Photo April 2, 2020
Payment verified US$ 6.68 (500 INR)

Best of the lot and Friendly too !

Fousiya Maam is extremely skilled and professional at what she does.She is Knowledgeable,friendly and Patient at the same time.Cant thank her enough for helping me to get through the Malayalam language which i always longed to master.She makes you feel comfortable and corrects you whenever needed.also thanks to her flexible class timings.will recommend her as a tutor handsdown.
P.S: Valare nanni maam if you reading this! you made me gain confidence to speak malayalam :)