Nisreen K Self employed

As a child, science always fascinated me. I excelled in academics specially in science earning a gold medal for myself. I love talking about science and i am gifted with the ability to convey it in the most creative manner so that students can grasp. I left my succsesful career of pharmacy buyer to pursue my dreams of teaching. So definetly i am best at it!
I teach according to students learning capacity. If he or she is good visual learner i teach through visual aids...viz presentations, videos,props, sign language, daily life observations, picture memory etc.
In science there are many interesting ways to demonstrate phenomenon and i prefer explaination through practical demonstrations so that you can talk about it at any point in your life without cramming it! Thats how i remember all complex definitions, laws and formulae.
So if anyone who wishes to learn science the way i did and retain it forever can contact me!!:)


  • Science (Expert)

  • Chemistry (Expert)

  • Biology (Expert)


  • Science teacher (Nov, 2015 - Nov, 2018) at AMSB indian school
    Science teacher and laboratory coordinator for higher secondary classes. Making lessons plans, presentations and teaching aids.


  • (Jun, 2002 - Jun, 2006) from MIP pune- scored Gold medal

Fee details

    Dinar10-15/hour (US$33.33-50.0/hour)

    If location is very far and multiple subjects fees may vary.