Rajat Khare Full stack developer

I have more than 4 years of industrial experience in JavaScript development and my day-to-day activities involve coding.
I am up-to-date with the JavaScript ecosystem with knowledge in the latest developments like the EcmaScript standards (ES5, ES6, etc...) as well as frameworks (Angular).
I will give you relevant examples to make you understand the topics in details. I'll help you in choosing good learning material (paid and free) so you can learn in the most cost-effective manner.
I'll also help you learn how to ask questions on forums like StackOverflow which helps in the real world software development.
Plus, I try to be friendly so you can get comfortable asking questions.


  • Jquery and JavaScript (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Senior Interactive Developer L1 (Feb, 2018 - Present) at Sapient
    In one project, I worked as a UI developer using jQuery in AEM.
    • Helped the client in transforming their website from a HTML + CSS + JS (jQuery) & back-end one to one built on a CMS (Adobe Experience Manager 6.2).
    • Followed the Component-Driven Development (CDD) methodology to write HTML + CSS + JS components in AEM which can then be placed by the website authors to create the required behavior.
    • Implemented the UI for login and registration functionalities - two of the most important functionalities of the website along with the integration of services written in Node.js.
    • Developed the components keeping Internationalization (i18n) in mind.
    • Helped in the implementation of the analytics on the website using DTM (Dynamic Tag Management) which is a part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud for tracking the visitors.
    • Followed the Agile methodology and worked closely with BAs and testers using JIRA as a platform for tracking stories and bringing them to completion on target times.

    In another project, I worked as an Angular developer.
    • Worked on the creation of a Single Page Application (SPA) - a dashboard for tracking the assets of the users.
    • Familiar with Angular CLI for creating services, components, modules, etc.
    • Divided the application into multiple feature modules acting as logical divisions to decrease the complexity of development.
    • Created reusable components that were used in multiple places across the application.
    • Created services to consume the back-end API and these services were then injected in the components to populate charts.
    • Implemented the routing in the application.
    • Created forms using template-driven and reactive approaches to engage the users, validated user actions on the client side and provided responsive feedback.
  • Application Development Analyst (Aug, 2014 - Feb, 2018) at Accenture
    • Developing complete features (UI and logic)
    • Creating JSON stubs for faking the backend until backend services are not available
    • Creating Angular services for fetching REST API data from backend and mapping it in the application
    • Making sure that the application is accommodated in devices (Android and iOS) of different sizes and resolutions using media queries
    • Writing clean code to avoid as many bugs as possible and debugging quickly in case bugs creep in
    • Ensuring high performance for applications on both mobile and desktop
    • Following Agile methodology and adapting the ever changing requirements of the clients
    • Coordinating with graphic designers and translating the requirements specified in the Visual Design documents to actual code in HTML and CSS with high precision
    • Creating web applications effectively while following the separation of concerns (SoC) principle using Angular to keep the code modular
    • Writing unit test cases for the modules using Mocha as a testing framework and Chai for making assertions.


  • B. Tech. (Aug, 2010 - Jun, 2014) from Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida

Fee details

    400-700/hour (US$5.63-9.85/hour)

    The charges are based primarily on the content- If the topic is complex and requires significant time and effort, I'll charge higher.


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