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As I studied about east music it is really nice and I decided to study in art field and fortunately I learned 4 year tabla in Kabul university and have got Experience with teachers and Different artist that I worked with Different group of music and I know Theory of music and I can make good plan for who like to learn east music finally I want to talk about Tabla playing Grana (shcool) I play Panjab garana if has some Different style playing like: Relya, Taals. Kaida, Palta and other bolse to practicing and hand warming. thank you


  • Art and Culture (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • IT Networking Technologies, Protocols & Securities (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Computer Science (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Art (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))


  • I was as tabla teacher for 6 months (Jan, 2018 - Jun, 2018) at Honaryar Art Culture Organization
    I teach tabla and work with music artist in Kabul city and I have got more Experience now try to improve my knowledge about music arts and there I want to teach online I like to have student for teaching and sharing my knowledge. thanks for reading about me


  • CCNA (Sep, 2016 - Jan, 2017) from Zoom Byte IT training Center- scored 92 %
  • Bachelor of Art (Jan, 2013 - Jan, 2016) from Kabul University / Kabul, Afghanistan- scored 70 %

Fee details

    Afs5000-7000/month (US$62.32-87.25/month)

    I will talk about this.