ch.venkata subbarao Chemical engineering

Students believe that i am a good teacher and ensures that every student is part of the class rather than book to board concept. Stresses more on applications of the subjects which enables the students to get interest in the subject., I have been teaching to GATE students as well which also highlights my keen ness to upgrade my self. I have covered almost all subjects of chemical engineering in the teaching career of 19 years. I do have 7 years of industrial experience which helps me to corrected theory to practice.


  • Chemical engineering (Beginner-Expert)

  • Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Thermodynamics (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Calculus 1 (Grade 10-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • Professor (Jan, 2009 - Present) at MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram
  • Asst. Professor (Nov, 2007 - Present) at UPES Dehradun
    assst. professor
  • professsor (Jan, 2000 - Present) at MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram


  • doctorate (Sep, 2006 - Sep, 2009) from Ph.d -andhra University

Fee details

    1000-10000/hour (US$13.98-139.76/hour)