Rani Yadav Quality Analyst

As a teacher, I am always giving right approach to deliver the students requirement. Also take care of his satisfaction level by giving quality answer. I am a flexible teacher because I understand that all students learn in different ways and at different paces. As a qualified teaching assistant I believe I have
extraordinary opportunity to assist and support children through their individual learning paths.
I take this opportunity seriously because I understand that it can have a great impact on student's lives and on the type of society we are helping create.When teaching, I make sure that every student has a grasp of the subject before moving on. I adapt my lesson plans based on this feedback.


  • Statistics (Grade 11-Masters (Postgraduate))


  • Expert Answer-er (EA) (Jun, 2014 - Present) at Chegg India PVT LTD
    Solving statistical questions with full of explanation and detailed steps.
  • Eductor (Aug, 2010 - Present) at TechKnit IT Enabled services
    e tutoring with USA clients. Solving assignments using Minitab and SPSS. Content writing projects.


  • M.sc (Jun, 2008 - Jun, 2010) from Shivaji University, Kolhapur- scored B+

Fee details

    300-1000/hour (US$4.3-14.32/hour)