Bijoy Boruah Chemistry

Will teach student
1. basic Chemistry
2. Chemistry of board syllabus
3. JEE Main, JEE Advance, BITs questions
4. How to fill options after selection in JEE Main & Advance
5. Memorize technique of Chemistry equations
Chemistry is a subject which is easy to learn and easy to forget. Repeating different chapter by carring out tests after a regular interval the student will be very much familiar with the questions of Medical and Engineering entrance examination.
Now a days students must have the quality of speed with accuracy. I will put best of my experience to the students so that they will aquire the quality of speed with accuracy.


  • Chemistry (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • Maths (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • Science (Grade 7-Grade 10)


  • Chief Chemist (Feb, 1988 - Apr, 2019) at ONGC MUMBAI
    Continuing my teaching hobby by teaching Chemistry to my own kids who are doing well in USA.
  • Subject teacher XI &XII Chemistry (Feb, 1985 - Jan, 1988) at Board of secondary education Assam
    Chemistry of intermediate standard


  • M Sc in Chemistry (Apr, 1981 - Mar, 1983) from Cotton College, Guwahati- scored First clas

Fee details

    800-1,000/day (US$11.18-13.98/day)

    Fee will vary depending upon quality of student


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