Sagar Sharma Lawyer

I am practicing lawyer in Delhi and can help students in academics as well as can share and motivate even a student who is less interested in studying by sharing my practice experience.
I am comfortable in giving home tusions and money is not the issue for me, I am just trying to help out weak students to score good marks in there academics.
It will be a great opportunity for students to learn from the practicing lawyer rather than taking tusions from the teacher with the same attitude and way of teaching as they already get from school.


  • Law (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Career Counseling (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • CBSE Business studies (Grade 9-Grade 12)

  • Civics (Grade 7-Grade 12)

  • CBSE Political science (Grade 9-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • Lawyer (Jun, 2015 - Present) at Presently practicing law at Delhi.
    Presently working as a practicing lawyer in all the courts of Delhi and willing to teach and help students in there studies in the evening hours.


  • B.A.LLB. (Jun, 2010 - Aug, 2015) from H N Bahuguna Garhwal University Shrinagar Uttarakhand, Srinagar

Fee details

    2000-6000/month (US$27.95-83.86/month)