Rahmatullah Habibullah I am a university Student

Make you easily understand and you can get scores above 95% in all subjects.
Most of my students gets marks above 95 % in all subjects.
Friendly teaching allow students to ask any question they want to ask.
Teaching students using easy tools.
Using many examples for the complete understand.
If students don't understand a topic
I teach them in different ways ; the ways the students like .
There are many ways for teaching students but understanding students memory is the most important to teach with the way he likes.
understanding students memories can allow the teacher to teach students effectively.


  • Maths (Grade 3-Grade 9)

  • Science for the primary school (Grade 3-GCSE)


No experience mentioned.


  • MBBCH (Nov, 2017now) from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

Fee details

    £60250/hour (US$3.8315.95/hour)


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