Yugishri Kannan A* academy of excellence

I was an igcse student so i can understand the basic difficulties faced by students.I Charge very low so every children could be educated.I am very good at my communication skills therfore it is easy for each and every student to cope up with me.I thought in another online tuting website and two children got 4A* and everyone passed their exam which maked me more sure that i can give you the knowlege that you are deserving to learn by paying me.This is just part time for me so i wont depend on my parents and start my work independently.Teaching is my strength all my students are impressed by it.So If you are impressed by my profile and wanna give me a chance I ll make sure that I LL use that chance wisely and properly.


  • Chemistry (GCSE-A levels)

  • Biology (GCSE-A levels)

  • Maths (Grade 11)


No experience mentioned.


  • Secondary (Aug, 2017 - now) from A* acheivers Academy- scored 5A*

Fee details

    100-1000/week (US$1.42-14.23/week)