Sameena Azwar Teaching English for individuals from beginning

This class would go in a managed manner with basic knowledge.
Will highly pursue the knowledge with understandable methods.
Will be given dictation for the lessons.
When the lessons are completed exams will be conduct to access the knowledge.
Spoken will be teach.
As extra activity we will teach with movies, sounds which will regard to the lesson.
Friendly teaching by the way works should done on time.
No excuse for absentees and who skips homeworks.
Thought provoking teaching methods which give you more interest to learn the subject.
New words, vocabularies and more extra work will be done in the class room.


  • English (Beginner-Expert)


No experience mentioned.


  • Initial Certificate of English Language ICELE (May, 2019 - now) from English class for me

Fee details

    Rs1000-2000/hour (US$5.64-11.29/hour)

    Below grade five 1000
    Above grade five 2000