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I have trained atleast more than a 100 students over the past 1.5 years as an Ielts trainer.I have helped them to gain confidence in using the language as well.The Ielts training methods that I use will ensure that you will be able to write the dreaded writing and speaking session will become the most easiest.Plus being an online teacher,I usually prefer using my night time to teach which will benefit the people who have difficulty attending classes due to the working hours.I will provide you with materials and other things plus a more personalised way of teaching such that you wont feel so left out.However as any teaching techinque,Mine also requires the efforts of students to make it even fruitful.The studying hours will be flexible according to the availability of student and mentor and as such,you'll be able to attend and study without worrying about losing classes.My teaching style involves a more interactive manner,emphasising more on the practical use of english rather than learning in the way you did in school,which is the reason why many people have an aversion towards english rather than loving the language for its sheer simplicity to learn and use.


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    I know thi is Job description but I believe it is better to beararound the bush ans stuff.Teaching Ielts for the past one and half year has given a clear insight about the numerous issues which beginners face.English,according to me atleast, is a fairly easy language to master.However, people are often scared of it because of thewhole grammar,tense and what not.This inhibits them a lot and many institutions kind of focus so much on grammar to the point that people gradualy lose interest. My teaching methods which are more interactive and enjoyable which involves a more practical approach to english which will enable you to master the language and use it in an effective way,which is what everyone wants to have.Plus I am also somewhat successful in prepping up students to clear the dreaded Ielts exams. So if you are looking for a cheap but effectiv wy to prepare for both Ielts and learning english.Do hit me up


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