Mani Angamuthu Research Scholar

Starting the class with the known concepts and principles. Finding the students abilities and issues to help the students to improve learning. Assigning workouts for the students to familiarize the concepts and principle of the subject matter.
Correlating the subject matter with daily life in order to create interest on subject. Fixing the target and achievements to complete the syllabus. combining the similar or related subjected at the same time. Interaction based instruction with examples and daily life events. Completing the given assignments within the prescribed time. encouraging the students by praising and prizing.


  • Chemistry (Grade 10-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Bio (Grade 6-Grade 12)


  • Tutor (Feb, 2013 - Sep, 2018) at Chegg India PVT LTD
    Providing solutions questions posted by the students


  • Ph.D., (Aug, 2014 - now) from VIT
  • M.Sc., (Jul, 2010 - Apr, 2012) from University of Madras, Chennai
  • B.Sc., (Jul, 2007 - Apr, 2010) from Periyar University, Salem

Fee details

    400-800/hour (US$5.69-11.39/hour)