Nikhil Kher PhD Mathematics student and lecturer

Teaching is a two way traffic and not a long monologue by the teacher. I believe in interacting and asking tons of questions to make students comfortable. I also understand that over strictness can be harmful but maintaining discpline is not. I will try to present activities and relate my topic from day to day activities to enhance their understanding and visualization. As a result they don't easily forget what's been taught. I know they have other things to study so I totally believe in smart learning rather than studying every book and doing every question. It's important to do the right amount of practice and develop logic so that they can attempt any new questions posed to them. What's the point of doing 100 questions without actually logically going through the arguments properly. It's our job to judge how much is required and beyond that for people interested in research I give them additional sources and questions and books to read. So o cater to any kind of audience, someone interested in the subject and someone completely disinterested.


  • Maths (Grade 9-Masters (Postgraduate))


  • Graduate Teaching assistant (Sep, 2017 - Present) at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
    I have taught undergraduate students at UBC courses in Calculus and Differential Equations.
  • Lecturer and content developer (Jul, 2013 - Jul, 2017) at Bhavna's Mathemax
    I taught nearly 25 papers to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mathematics. And also to students of Economics who took up math as an option. I was actively involved in designing the question papers a d the Working style of teaching for students preparing for entrance examinations that we were catering to like IIT JAM.


  • PhD Mathematics (Sep, 2017 - now) from The University of British Columbia- scored 95%
  • M.Phil. in Mathematics (Aug, 2015 - Aug, 2017) from Department of mathematics, University of delhi- scored 91.8%
  • M.Sc Mathematics (Aug, 2013 - Jul, 2015) from Hindu college, University of Delhi- scored 92%
  • B.Sc(H) Mathematics (Jul, 2010 - Jul, 2013) from Hindu college, University of Delhi- scored 89.64%

Fee details

    700-1200/hour (US$9.78-16.77/hour)

    Charges vary on content and if it is taught in a group.