Scott GK MacLeod President & Professor @WorldUnivAndSch
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Prof Scott MacLeod is an American academic and Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at World University and School. He is currently also the publisher at the Academic Press at World University and School. MacLeod was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and grew up on the eastern seaboard of the U.S., attending Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He received a Master's Degree in anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Diploma of Research from the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the information technology network society age, the world wide web cosmos, and actual-virtual Harbin Hot Springs. He is World University and School's founder, president, CEO and presiding clerk (in the manner of Friends/Quakers). Wiki World University and School is best STEM CC-4 OCW-centric (in 4 languages) and CC Yale OYC-centric and seeks to develop major universities in all ~200 countries' main and official languages, as well as wiki schools in all 7,139 known living languages; WUaS plans to offer online CC-4 OCW Bachelor, Ph.D., law, M.D. as well as I.B. high school degrees, partly in group video, and in ~200 countries' official languages. He is the author of Naked Harbin Ethnography: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality and Virtual Harbin (San Francisco and Berkeley: Academic Press at World University and School 2016), Haiku~ish and Other Loving Hippy Harbin Poetry (Stanford, CA: Poetry Press at World University and School 2017), Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss (Stanford, CA: Poetry Press at World University and School 2018), and To the Dance or the Pools: How different it is to soak at Harbin Hot Springs, than to realize it in virtual Reality (Stanford, CA: Poetry Press at World University and School 2019).


  • Sociology Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD

  • Anthropology Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD

  • Society & Information Technology Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD

  • Virtual Anthropology Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD


  • Bagpipe teacher (May, 2012Present) at Scottish Small Pipes' instruction, Canyon, California
    I teach the Scottish Small Pipes now online -
  • Professor (Sep, 2007Present) at World University and School, SF Bay Area
    Scott MacLeod has taught "Society, Information Technology, and the Global University" at World University and School, on Harvard's virtual island in Second Life, in actual life (at Pennsylvania State University & Chatham University), and online in other ways too, since 2007. CV:
  • Professor (May, 2007Present) at World University and School, SF Bay Area
    I facilitate your wiki teaching and learning at wiki, best STEAM CC-4 OpenCourseWare-centric World University and School - Teach to (eg in a Youtube video, or by adding a book or resource), learn from, or create a new wiki subject - - and in all ~200 countries - (and each a major online University) - and in all 7,117 known living languages -
  • Yoga teacher (Aug, 1991Present) at Yoga (Restorative)
    I've taught Yoga (inspired in part by Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten) since 1991 -


  • DR (Sep, 2003Jun, 2004) from University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Master's Degree (Sep, 2001Jun, 2003) from University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Certificate (completed a 2 year CA certification program in 1 year) (Sep, 1991May, 1992) from Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco
  • Bachelor's Degree (Sep, 1979May, 1985) from Reed College, Portland, Oregon

Fee details

    US$50/hour (US$50/hour)

    I also teach the Scottish Small Pipes regarding the above fee


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