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One on One Chess Coaching with very experienced chess coach. We have created courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with a comprehensive study plan. Learn Chess strategies, tactics, positional understanding, and all of the theories behind openings, middle games & endgames through Chess Class 24x7 online chess coaching classes.
We have defined our curriculum as below:

Begainer: Fundamentals of Chess (Evaluate for pawn & pieces, Some special cases for draw. Checkmate by queen and rook. Excesses for checkmate. Opening- how to start games.) Get homework between training sessions to form sure you're employed on your own. Practice sessions which are observed by the experienced instructors online and guide students analyze games.

Intermediate: Key Features Intermediate Chess program based on analysis of your performance, Chess instructor will design your Lesson Plan & structured Chess course which is suitable for you.

Advance: Key features of the Advanced Chess program are that you simply will ready to play almost any position on the chess board i.e. understanding the core of every major opening and their typical middle game strategies.


  • Online Chess Beginner-Expert

  • Chess Coach Expert

  • Chess Fundamentals Beginner-Expert

  • Online Chess Classes Beginner-Expert


  • Instructor (Jan, 2005Feb, 2008) at WWW.ChessClass24x7.Com
    FIDE Chess Instructor with more than 16 years coaching experience.
  • Instructor (Jan, 2005Jun, 2008) at JLT, DUBAI


  • FIDE Chess Coach (Jan, 2005Jun, 2008) from FIDE, AICF, BCA & etc...........

Fee details

    د.إ250/month (US$68.12/month)


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