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Ashwin Joy Technical Trainer, Coding Tutor
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Hello, I'm Ashwin Joy, an experienced programmer and technical trainer.

With extensive expertise in teaching computer programming across various languages and a strong focus on practical and straightforward methods, I have successfully guided over 50,000 students and professionals in strengthening their coding foundations and excelling in the industry. My comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by aspiring coders allows me to tailor my approach to address their unique needs and struggles effectively.

I know that diving into the world of programming can be overwhelming, with countless languages, frameworks, and concepts to grasp. As your tutor, I will help you navigate through these complexities by breaking down intricate topics into easily understandable concepts. My approach is centered on hands-on learning, project-based experiences, and real-world applications, ensuring that you gain the skills needed to succeed.

While I acknowledge the importance of theoretical concepts in building a strong foundation, I also emphasize the value of practical experience. If you're seeking tangible results and aiming to become a highly-skilled developer ready to land your dream job, I'm here to help. I will guide you through the programming world, sharing my knowledge and experience through engaging projects.

With experience in various technologies and frameworks across programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript, I am well-equipped to provide you with a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Trust me as your coding tutor, and together, we will conquer the challenges you face and set you on the path to becoming a successful developer.


  • Programming Beginner-Expert

  • C# Beginner-Expert

  • PHP Beginner-Expert

  • JAVA Beginner-Expert

  • Python Beginner-Expert

  • C (Programming) Beginner-Expert

  • SCALA Beginner-Expert

  • SQL Beginner-Expert

  • Machine Learning Beginner-Expert

  • Web development Beginner-Expert

  • Coding Beginner-Expert

  • Artificial intelligence Beginner-Expert

  • Blogging Beginner-Expert

  • HTML CSS and JavaScript Beginner-Expert

  • C++ Programing Beginner-Expert

  • Tkinter Beginner-Expert

  • ChatBots Beginner-Expert

  • Unix and shell programming Beginner-Expert

  • Python CBSE Beginner-Expert


  • Course Creator (Jul, 2022Present) at Scaler Academy
    Created the online course for Scaler Topics on "Learn jQuery in Detail".
  • Technical Consultant (Apr, 2022Present) at iSkew Learning
    Provides training and mentoring on programming fundamentals and competitive programming for students.
  • Course Author (Jun, 2021Present) at Educative Inc
    Created and launched the interactive Python course "Create Desktop Apps Using Python & Tkinter".
  • Technical Trainer and Programmer (Jul, 2019Present) at TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, KOCHI
    - TCS Digital Cadre
    - Co-developed "NextGen iQuest Automation Tool" which won the Tata Innovista Award (for the best-implemented innovation) in 2022.
    - Trained 50000+ associates (online + offline) on programming fundamentals and advanced technologies.
    - Conducted several hackathons, webinars, and workshops on modern technologies.
  • Founder & Solopreneur (Jan, 2019Present) at Pythonista Planet
    Pythonista Planet is the place where I create content on programming and technology.


  • B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Aug, 2015Jun, 2019) from University college of engineering, Thodupuzha

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    9992,999/hour (US$11.9835.98/hour)

    Please note that the pricing varies according to time, place, content, traveling, etc.


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