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Prachi Ramteke Tutor
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I have a strong connect with all my students and I always try to give 100 percent while teaching them. My main motive is not to just educate them but inculcate deep knowledge into their system of the respective subjects. I try my best to clear all their doubts and firmly believes that with right approach any student can get good scores! I try to engage my students in lectures and make it fun for them so that they don't feel it repetitive. Teaching is not just my work but my passion.


  • Maths Grade 5-Bachelors/Undergraduate

  • Chemistry Grade 5-Bachelors/Undergraduate

  • Physics Grade 5-Bachelors/Undergraduate

  • Science Grade 5-Bachelors/Undergraduate


No experience mentioned.


  • MTECH (Jun, 2013Apr, 2015) from VNIT Nagpur

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    5002,000/hour (US$5.9923.98/hour)


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