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O level Lecture notes resources

By Ayesha Saddiqa
Difference Between Inertia and Moment of Inertia image

Ten fantastic points that differ between inertia and moment of Inertia, explain how moment of inertia is a rotational analog of Inertial mass.

By Promise Miracle
The Periodic Table (1) image

Topic: The Periodic Table (1): Lecture Note Format: PDF (PowerPoint of 24 slides) Class: Beginners and Intermediates Lesson note content: Lesson objectives, evaluation questions, bullet points, tables etc

By SAM Institute of O & A levels
AS Economics Notes for A Level Cambridge image

Introducing our comprehensive AS Level Economics Notes – your ultimate resource for mastering the fundamental principles of economics at the As level. Designed with the discerning student in mind, our meticulously...

By Naushad Avadia
27 Figures of Speech explanation in hindi image

In this video, Figures of Speech are explained in hindi. You will understand 27 figures of Speech in just 15 minutes.