Bachelors/Undergraduate Biochemistry resources

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Bachelors/Undergraduate Biochemistry resources

By Hafsa Tariq
Edible Vaccines image

“EDIBLE VACCINES” A general review on Edible Vaccines; Mode of Action, Production, Alternative agents, Advantages, Limitations, Challenges and Future prospective.

By Karen's Review Materials and Solutions
Color test for proteins and specific amino acids image

General protein color tests (Biuret test, Ninhydrin test, Xanthoproteic test) Color test for specific amino acids (Millon's test for tyrosine, Hopkins cole test for tryptophan, Sakaguchi test for arginine, Lead acetate...

By Rashmi Raghunath
Nitrogen Fixation image

This ppt describes the nitrogen fixation process, which is the first step of the nitrogen cycle. It includes the steps, catalytic process, chemical reaction, energetics, discussion of nitrogenase structure and function...