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Beginner Chemistry resources

By Umair Amir
Chemistry 101 image

Dive into the fascinating world of chemistry with my comprehensive digital notes! ๐Ÿงช๐Ÿ“š Perfect for students and enthusiasts alike, these notes cover essential topics from the periodic table to chemical reactions and...

By Promise Miracle
The Periodic Table (1) image

Topic: The Periodic Table (1): Lecture Note Format: PDF (PowerPoint of 24 slides) Class: Beginners and Intermediates Lesson note content: Lesson objectives, evaluation questions, bullet points, tables etc

By Promise Miracle
Nature of matter (CLASS NOTE: Presentation 46 slides with evaluation questions etc.) image

Topic: Nature of Matter (lesson note) Subject: Chemistry Class: Beginners and Intermediate Formate: PDF (PowerPoint presentation of 46 slides) Lesson note Features/Content: lesson objectives, evaluation questions,...

By Chemistry man Subhan
Ppt presentation on types of chemical reactions image

This explains the total types in chemical reations with suitable examples. From that you can learn basic chemistry very well and you can distinguish which type of reaction is given. you can use this as assignment