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Bachelors/Undergraduate Computer Vision resources

By Manjunatha VG
Coursera Project: Applying Optical Flow to Detect Moving Objects: Counting Cars image

Project: Applying Optical Flow to Determine the Direction of Traffic Coursera content: Object Tracking and Motion Detection with Computer Vision You previously developed code to apply optical flow to a few frames from...

By MarksMaster
Kidney Stone and cyst Detection using Deep learning, CNN and AutoKeras image

Kidney Stone Detection Using CNN and Autokeras Millions globally suffer from kidney stones, emphasizing the need for early identification. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown promise in medical imaging,...

By MarksMaster
Traffic Congestion detection using CNN and Object detection image

Project Brief: Congestion Detection System for Road and Highways Using Pretrained CNN and Object Detection Overview: The Congestion Detection System is a Python-based solution designed to monitor and detect traffic...

By Khibra Thahseen
Pattern recognition and neural network handwritten assignment image

Pattern recognition and neural network assignment Continuous hopefield network architecture algorithm Tasks Discrete hopefield network architecture algorithm Tasks Back propagation network BAM network

By MarksMaster
Deep learning based brain tumor detection image

The project involves designing and implementing a deep learning-based brain tumor detection system using MRI images. The goal is to determine whether a person has a brain tumor by analyzing their brain MRI image. This...