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Bachelors/Undergraduate Engineering Mathematics (B.Tech) resources

By Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Mathematics-1(Gate Mathematics) image

Calculus Functions of two or more variables, continuity, directional derivatives, partial derivatives, total derivative, maxima and minima, saddle point, method of Lagrange’s multipliers; Multiple Integrals Double and...

By Reeju Varghese

The detailed note on Linear Algebra based on GATE 2024 syllabus. Topics covered in the notes:-System of Linear Equations,Gauss Elimination Method, Rank, Vector Space, Subspace, Linear combination and Independnce of...

By Sarasawati Solutions
Functions (Discrete Mathematics)(Exercise Solutions)(Part 1) image

In this paper, I have made the solutions of the chapter "Functions" exercise consist of 12 questions of popular book "Discrete Mathematics " by "Oscar Levin". I have made the solutions of 12 questions (Handwritten) with...

By Sarasawati Solutions
Questions and Solutions of exams of Aerospace Engineering image

In this paper, question bank and solution bank (Solved and typed by myself)of Aerospace Engineering is given. The questions given here came repeatedly in different international universities around the world. Few...