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Expert Math (A-level) resources

By Mathematics Jee Mains & Advanced
Quadratic Equations Lecture Notes for JEE Mains and Advanced image

Ignite your JEE success with my quadratic equations notes – a must-have for acing Mains and Advanced! Dive into hassle-free learning, unraveling quadratic complexities with ease. Packed with practical insights,...

By Aaqib Raza
(Research) Transmission Loss Prediction of a Waveguide with Double Inlet and Double Outlet image

Transmission loss prediction of a waveguide with double inlet and double outlet: Introducing groundbreaking research that delves into the intricate world of waveguide acoustics! Our study focuses on predicting...

By Aaqib Raza
History of Mathematics image

The history of mathematics is truly an amazing and intriguing story that spans many centuries, with contributions from a wide range of cultures and civilizations. Throughout this blog, we will explore the early origins...

By Asmaa Ali
Clear Handwritten 19 Lectures of Vector Calculus Course image

Full content of the course with main concepts and topics are within the lectures. Many Eaxmples are included as a vital part to understand the concepts and to practice applying them.

By Devvrat arya
Hand written Notes of Indefinite integration for Class 12th, IIT JEE mains & advance image

Complete notes for indefinite integration For JEE This notes design from basic to advanced level This notes included lots of sort tricks

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By shruti
All 12th maths formulas image

11th and 12th Important Math Formula List: A Handy Guide for Math Lovers** Do you love math and want to ace your entrance exams? Do you need a quick and easy way to revise and practice the most important math concepts?...