Tutor jobs in Germany


I would like to learn how to use UiPath

  • Feb 14
  • Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

I am a graduate student taking courses for my MS in Cybersecurity. I have weekly laboratory experiments I must submit every Sunday. I work full time for the U.S. military based in Germany. For the lab this week, I need someone who know how to install and use Oracle VM Virtual Box. Also, I would like to meet with the tutor once or twice per week to...

  • Feb 10
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • 13/hour

Hi, I am looking for online teacher who can help with my assignment.
the subject is organizational theory.

with kind regards


  • Feb 7
  • Hamm, Germany
  • 20/hour

I am looking for someone with experience to angular 5-6-7.

  • Feb 7
  • Rostocker Str., 10553 Berlin, Germany

I'd like to play a mock tech interview. 30% javascript 70% angularJS.
I'm a junior level or mid level as a web developer.
I'm preparing job interview now as a frontend developer.
job interview is on 12th of Feb.
the compnay wants angular.JS developer.
here is berlin. I'm free on 4:00 ~ 10:00 in berlin time

  • Feb 6
  • Prinzenallee, Berlin, Germany
  • 30/week

I have Python program Assignment and I'm looking someone to help me.

  • Feb 5
  • Esslingen, Germany

Hi, I am MBA student in Germany and I have financial management (f9) exam in 2 days. I need help to solve calculations and understand hedge and arbitrage opportunity problems. Can you help me in this field?

  • Feb 3
  • Siegen, Germany
  • 4/hour

Madam. i need a 1 month training in Cost Accounting for MBA. can you help me. we can do Skype based lessons

  • Feb 1
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • 8/hour

I have some subject it’s related about driving license i need your help because my English language not so high.

  • Feb 1
  • Essen, Germany

looking for tutuor in reinforcement learning

  • Jan 29
  • Munich, Germany

I am looking for someone with experience in Control engineering

  • Jan 27
  • Cologne, Germany

hey im currently looking or some tutor for machine design i would like to know if you can help me and what is your hourly rate, and if u are available from tomorrow untill sunday?
this is the content.

Introduction to strength calculation of real components
• Material characteristics, elastic and plastic deformation, yield strength, fracture...

  • Jan 25
  • 47533 Kleve, Germany

Hi, I am currently on job seeker visa and looking for an opportunity in Germany actively. While I am getting failed in submitting the assignment step. I would need your help in this process. I couldn't get clarity about expectations set here. Although the assignments I have worked on works with most of the test cases but still I am not getting...

  • Jan 14
  • Rathenower Str., Berlin, Germany
  • 7/hour

Need chess teacher for my 6 year old son. Rates can be decided later.

  • Jan 6
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • 10/hour

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a tutor to teach me programming languages, Javascripting, Html/CSS, Java.

Will be doing other courses as well depending on how tutor conducts the course and price.


  • Jan 5
  • Munich, Germany

Hi There,

My name is Shaan Raja, working in Germany as online marketing Expert

I am interested in learning different programming languages for my Job, which includes, Java scripting, Java, HTML/CSS, MySQL programming.

May i know the price ?


  • Jan 5
  • Wiesbaden, Germany

Ich komme aus Sri lanka. Ich möchte Deutsch learnen.

  • Jan 1
  • Duisburg, Germany