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Diploma PPT/Presentation resources

By Kasturi K
Le passé composé image

Transform your mastery of French grammar with my comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on le passé composé! This step-by-step guide simplifies the learning process, covering all the essential rules and their exceptions....

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By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Fundamentals of Waste Water Treatment Processes image

Waste-water treatment is becoming more important in the light of diminishing water resources. The treatment of waste-water for reuse and disposal is particularly important for water scarce countries. The municipal...

By Siddartha Kshirsagar
Python Kickstart: An Introduction for Absolute Beginners image

Course Overview: Embark on a comprehensive journey through Python programming with our all-encompassing course. From the language's historical roots to advanced data manipulation with libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and...

By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water image

On successful completion of this course students will be able to: 1. Explain basic water chemistry 2. Identify the parameters that are involved in characterizing the drinking water safe or unsafe 3 .Recognize the...

By Study maniac
Oblique Drawing image

Presentation of civil engineering. Topic (Oblique Drawing). In this presentation you'll know the introduction of Oblique drawing and why it is used? Also aspect of Oblique drawing including the examples and its types....

Lecture Notes on Benzene and Aromacity image

Benzene is the cornerstone of aromatic organic molecules. It has a long and checkered history—much too long to cover here—so the focus will be on the very old and very new. This handouts gives a through understanding to...

By Ashish Kaklotar
Powerpoint PPT Template - Educational Background image

Introducing the PPT Design Template with Educational Background, the ultimate tool to elevate your presentations. Crafted for professionals, educators, and creatives, this template boasts stunning design elements,...

By Nagendra Raghaw
Understanding Stack Concepts Using PowerPoint Presentation image

This product (PPT) is highly useful for the students to understand the complete basics of Stck ADT. PPT is prepapered in a very easy language using the example and animations make the ppt very effective and joyful.

By osinachi mbah
Detailed notes on Multi-agent Systems image

This notes describes the behaviour of multi-agents in an environment and their communial and competitve interactions among themselves. In reinforcement learning, an agent is placed in an environment to autonomously...

By Sahil Kale
Python Complete Course - Empower your coding journey with an industry-approved curriculum! image

Embark on a comprehensive Python learning experience with our unbeatable offer: a curated collection of 16 in-depth classes, thoughtfully designed to cover the entire spectrum of Python fundamentals. Dive into each...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Exploring the word with Kellogg's company image

PPT presentation on "Exploring the world with Keloogg's company" 6 by 6 foramt font size 22 total time 2 minutes theme matching content related without plagrism grammar check spelling check proofreading...