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By Sidra Javed
Phonological Disorder image

Outline •Phonology •Phonological/phonemic level •Motoric level •Phonological processes •Phonological disorder •Phonological vs Articulation disorder •Evaluation of phonological disorder •Therapeutic approaches

By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Fundamentals of Waste Water Treatment Processes image

Waste-water treatment is becoming more important in the light of diminishing water resources. The treatment of waste-water for reuse and disposal is particularly important for water scarce countries. The municipal...

By Manjunatha VG
Essential Mathematics for Data Scientists: Assessment 5: VisualRank using image similarity image

Assessment 5: VisualRank using image similarity Introduction This assignment is based on the well-known PageRank algorithm developed by Google to help in ranking webpages. Although much has changed with Google’s...

By Manjunatha VG
Essential Mathematics for Data Scientists: Assignment 4: Principal Component Analysis image

Assignment 4: Principal Component Analysis This assignment asks you to implement, a principal component analysis (PCA) using a singular value decomposition on a real data set. A real dataset We now ask that you...

By Manjunatha VG
Essential Mathematics for Data Scientists - Assessment 3: Microchip voltage image

Assessment 3: Microchip voltage You are now asked to write some code of your own that will achieve the goals laid out below. The purpose of this exercise is two-fold. It will a) test your skills in designing and...

By Sankalp Kapur
IB Biology IA Formatting Guide image

All good, high – scoring internal assessments are well organized and formatted. There are clear headings and subheadings, table and figure titles, references, and appropriate tables and figures. Such organization is...

By Manjunatha VG
Coursera Project: Applying Optical Flow to Detect Moving Objects: Counting Cars image

Project: Applying Optical Flow to Determine the Direction of Traffic Coursera content: Object Tracking and Motion Detection with Computer Vision You previously developed code to apply optical flow to a few frames from...

By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water image

On successful completion of this course students will be able to: 1. Explain basic water chemistry 2. Identify the parameters that are involved in characterizing the drinking water safe or unsafe 3 .Recognize the...

By Juhaina
solomon's four group design image

This is a note of solomon's fpur group design which a part of statistics module . This note includes a discussion of solomon's four group with an example.

By Muhammed Mubashir

📚 Your Go-To Management Guide is Here! 🚀 Hey College Crew! 🎓 Ready to upgrade your management game? Our "Introduction to Management" PDF is your academic sidekick, and here's why: 📘 Simplified Learning: No more...

By Nazia Bocue
Basic French Notes image

Learn French from Scratch upto TEF. Vocabulary Grammar Sentence Construction Listening Comprehension Writing Speaking

By Mousumi Ghosh maity

The assignment gives a clear idea how to make an internal assignment for IB SL AI mathematics. A student can get sets of information ( topics to be include) to be needed and summarised .No plagiarism please. The project...

By Ayesha
Statistics(301) assignment. Homework, stem and leaf display assessment, Mean and Median. image

In this assignment I show you two concepts, stem and leaf display Mean and Median This is a suggested answer for a 20-mark question. The answer aims to provide clarity for the studenT concepts t on stem and leaf display...

By Store of Finance and Accounting
"Introduction to the Basics of Accounting" image

Introduction: Accounting is introduced as the language of business, used to track, summarize, and communicate financial information. The Accounting Equation: Explains the fundamental equation - Assets =...

By Kenneth
current controversial issue using tools of rhetoric to persuade a real world audience and image

Instructions write a 5-6-minute text in speech form on a current controversial issue using tools of rhetoric to persuade a real world audience. tools of rhetoric consistently, accurately, and purposefully use the...

By Kenneth
Entrepreneurship assignment: The Applicability of Innovation by Coffee Delight Limited image

Instructions Drawing on the knowledge gained from this module and relevant readings, critically evaluate the applicability of Innovation by a company of your choice - this could include your current or target employer...

By Kenneth
Walmart Strategic Analysis image

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis. When writing your analysis, complete the following: Evaluate the company’s current financial plan, including charts and/or graphs showing financial data from the struggling...

By Kenneth
Education assignment on early childhood experiences image

Instructions *Describe what 3 most important practices associated with Developmentally Appropriate Practice and how these influence children’s early childhood experiences *create a list of questions that allows the...

By Kenneth
Reaction to the article "When Not Guilty is a Life Sentence". image

This week we will incorporate a spiritual exercise along with the reflection and discussion. Be sure that you have read chapter 6 of Sue and Sue on cultural and racial microaggressions before beginning this exercise....

By Kenneth
Assignment about mentors image

Mentors how many of us have one? Access and read in detail: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2014/09/21/how-to-find-a-great-mentor-first-dont-ever-ask-a-stranger/...