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Beginner Assessment resources

By Dr. Anju
Histology of Cartilage including histology slides, MCQs and short questions image

histology of cartilage includes MCQs, short answers questions and histology slides with identification features. its very helpful for the MBBS students, paramedical students, Nursing and Physiotherpy students.

By Electrical Projecthub
Design of OFF Grid/Standalone Solar System for Residential Areas. image

Introducing our cutting-edge off-grid solar system designed for homes, a revolutionary solution that ensures uninterrupted and sustainable energy independence. Our system incorporates high-efficiency solar panels, a...

By Rashid Irshad
Professional Web Design Course image

Class-0: Introduction To Web ( Basics Of Web, Project Management, SDLC, Quality of Software, 10 Business Ideas, AI Careers, Your 10 year plan after the course) Class-1: Fonts (Class Work, Notes, Assignments, Tests,...

By Nazia Bocue
Basic French Notes image

Learn French from Scratch upto TEF. Vocabulary Grammar Sentence Construction Listening Comprehension Writing Speaking

By Nithya Rajendran

Unlock the doors to a successful Java programming career with our Comprehensive Java Interview Questions and Answers guide. Whether you're a Java enthusiast looking to brush up on your skills or a job seeker aiming to...

By Store of Finance and Accounting
"Introduction to the Basics of Accounting" image

Introduction: Accounting is introduced as the language of business, used to track, summarize, and communicate financial information. The Accounting Equation: Explains the fundamental equation - Assets =...

By Store of Finance and Accounting
Questions and Answers of Accounting image

Statement of cash flows Use the information shown on this page and the next to prepare a Statement of Cash Flows (Indirect Method) for the year ending December 31, 2022. Your Statement of Cash Flows should be in good...

By Statistics and Probability
Solved Exercises of Introductory Statistics image

These documents contain selected solved exercises from the book "Introductory Statistics by Openstax College". Solution is provided from chapter 1 to chapter 13 and the details of the exercises is provided in...

By Statistics and Probability
Solved worksheets including Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Inference image

This product cointains the solved worksheets including Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Estimation and Hypothesis Testing. The solutions are provided in detail with explanation of the steps so students will be able...

By Vivek Krishnan
Production Report in Excel with Conditional Formatting image

This Production Report helps in calculating the Target, Achieved and Deficit along with highlights and charts for each person. The Entire report is based on Excel Formulas and can be created easily. Details: Any value...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Parts of Speech Worksheet image

Parts Of Speech There are eight parts of speech in English Language Noun pronoun verb adverb ajective conjunction preposition and interjection In this worksheet, all are eights parts of speech...

By walaa ali
The boat letters image

How to help students distinguish between similar letters First, I divided the letters into groups and gave each group a specific name. For example, the letters (ب،ت,ث،ن،ي )are called "boat letters" because they resemble...

By Santosh Kumar
Sparse Matrices, 3-tuple representation of sparse matrix, applications image

Useful for College and University Students, its our classes interaction notes, very useful and simple for learners.

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Exploring the word with Kellogg's company image

PPT presentation on "Exploring the world with Keloogg's company" 6 by 6 foramt font size 22 total time 2 minutes theme matching content related without plagrism grammar check spelling check proofreading...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store

Title of the project : EXPLORING THE WORLD WITH KELLOGG'S COMPANY APA Templete in Microsoft world cover page abstract the body (3 pages) the reference page calibri font font size 12 without plagrism grammer...

By Subham Kayastha
Design and Analysis of Deep Beam image

The notes consist of Complete Detail notes about design and analysis of Deep Beam.This note is worth it for any Individual who wish to learn design and analysis of Deep beam. If you purchase this notes I will provide...

By Statistics and Probability
Probability and Normal Distribution Examples image

These are 8 solved problems of Probability, Normal Distribution and Hypothesis testing topics. You can use these solutions to understand how to solve different problems relating to these topics. All the steps are...

By Rohit Prasan Mandal
Must-Have: Your Ultimate Guide to Object-Oriented Programming! image

Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? Look no further! Presenting a treasure trove of knowledge that will revolutionize your understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Unlock the Power of...