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Diploma Project resources

By Embedded System Design and Development
8081 Stepper Motor Interfacing image

The contents describes characteristics, functions and operation of stpper motor. The interfacing of stepper motor with microcontroller in illustrated in detail with pictorial representation. Also interfacing programming...

By Embedded System Design and Development
8051 interfacing with DAC image

Interfacing of 8051 with dual DAC (DAC0808) in explained step by step.Also programming using Embedded C is shouwn to generate dsquare and sine waves using DAC.

By Manjunatha VG
Coursera Project: Applying Optical Flow to Detect Moving Objects: Counting Cars image

Project: Applying Optical Flow to Determine the Direction of Traffic Coursera content: Object Tracking and Motion Detection with Computer Vision You previously developed code to apply optical flow to a few frames from...

By Projects on MATLAB, Control System, System Dynamic
Controller Design for Passive Suspension System of Vehicles using MATLAB. image

In this project, we are finding the governing equation of motion for the system provided which is passive suspension system of vehicles. The open loop transfer function is obtained so that we can design a proportional...

By Projects on MATLAB, Control System, System Dynamic
MATLAB Project: Modelling & Controller Design of Mass-Spring Mechanical System. image

This project report discusses the mathematical modelling of mechanical system consisting of masses and springs. The process flow goes such as the free body diagram of the masses, equations of motions, their Laplace...

By Khalil El Alaoui
Teaching practicum internship report image

The attached file is a teaching internship report which comprises three chapters: Introduction, teaching practicum, and conclusion. First, I presented the background of the training by introducing the host school and...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store

Title of the project : EXPLORING THE WORLD WITH KELLOGG'S COMPANY APA Templete in Microsoft world cover page abstract the body (3 pages) the reference page calibri font font size 12 without plagrism grammer...

Network Engineering image

These are Packet Tracer , ENSP and GNS3 Files implementing hospital, banking, school/campus , multi-floored cooperates network designs. It also includes servers, IoT devices interconnection, cameras, Tv and VoIP...