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By Nishar Alam Khan
CFD-Based Design and ANSYS Analysis of Heat Exchanger for Enhanced Heat Transfer image

Introducing the latest advancement in heat exchanger design and analysis: the CFD-enhanced Heat Exchanger with and without Baffle Plate. In this innovative project, we utilize cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics...

By Nishar Alam Khan
Transient Multiphase VOF Simulation and Analysis of Wave Motion using ANSYS FLUENT image

The analysis provides insights into the fluid dynamics behavior within the WaveTube under varying wave conditions. However, challenges were encountered, particularly in mesh generation and dynamic mesh handling,...

By Nishar Alam Khan
Design and CFD analysis of Centrifugal Pump using ANSYS for different blade numbers image

This project delves into the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of a centrifugal pump utilizing ANSYS software. The analysis focuses on three distinct blade models, each equipped with a different number of...

By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine Learning with Python - Classification using Supervised Algorithms,Visualization image

This project showcases the Classification using various ML Algorithms and Visualization of the data. It includes: Visualizing the data BoxPlot Histogram ScatterPlot Cross Tabulations Training and modeling...

By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine Learning With Python - Data Wrangling and Handling Numerical Data image

This project uses Python to clean the dataset. Here, the dataset has undergone data cleaning and is prepared for use with machine learning algorithms. It includes: Creating a Data Frame Describing the Data ...

By Embedded System Design and Development
8081 Stepper Motor Interfacing image

The contents describes characteristics, functions and operation of stpper motor. The interfacing of stepper motor with microcontroller in illustrated in detail with pictorial representation. Also interfacing programming...

By Embedded System Design and Development
8051 interfacing with DAC image

Interfacing of 8051 with dual DAC (DAC0808) in explained step by step.Also programming using Embedded C is shouwn to generate dsquare and sine waves using DAC.

By Asmaa Ali
Types of Nuclear Reactions: Power Point Presentation image

The content is four slides. Each for each reaction type. The differentiation between the reactions is done by showing an example of each reaction and presenting its specific criteria. The presentation is genuine,...

By Keshav Rana
Ready-Made Tableau Project: Call Center Analysis image

Ready-Made Tableau Project: Call Center Analysis Unlock the power of data with our comprehensive Tableau project focused on Call Center Analysis. This turnkey solution is tailored for businesses seeking actionable...

By Manjunatha VG
Coursera Project: Applying Optical Flow to Detect Moving Objects: Counting Cars image

Project: Applying Optical Flow to Determine the Direction of Traffic Coursera content: Object Tracking and Motion Detection with Computer Vision You previously developed code to apply optical flow to a few frames from...

By Projects on MATLAB, Control System, System Dynamic
Controller Design for Passive Suspension System of Vehicles using MATLAB. image

In this project, we are finding the governing equation of motion for the system provided which is passive suspension system of vehicles. The open loop transfer function is obtained so that we can design a proportional...

By Projects on MATLAB, Control System, System Dynamic
MATLAB Project: Modelling & Controller Design of Mass-Spring Mechanical System. image

This project report discusses the mathematical modelling of mechanical system consisting of masses and springs. The process flow goes such as the free body diagram of the masses, equations of motions, their Laplace...

By Prerna
5 Fully Functional Web Development Projects image

This product includes 5 fully functional web development projects, each developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The projects are designed to be educational and can be used by web developers of all levels to learn new...

By Jesklose Tech Online
MATLAB Projects image

This is a solved Mini Project III for ME373. It contains a written report and MATLAB codes for the class project for the Mechanical method class.

20 USD
By Ruwantha Dissanayake
SolidWorks 3D Model Design and Help on Projects - Example of Toggle Clamp 3D Model image

This is a 3D Model designed by me using SolidWorks 2020 software. I have experience on designing these kind of 3D Models and helping on your projects. I am responsible to provide you the source files on every project...

By Notes n Assignment
Business Plan Projection and Company Forecasting Report-Pet Shop image

This is a is a short business plan for "Companion' is an innovative online pet shop offering a comprehensive range of pet procurement, care services, and essential supplies. Our tailored approach sets us apart, catering...

By Khalil El Alaoui
Teaching practicum internship report image

The attached file is a teaching internship report which comprises three chapters: Introduction, teaching practicum, and conclusion. First, I presented the background of the training by introducing the host school and...

By Accounting, Finance, Managerial Accounting, Excel
Forecasting, NPV Analysis, Scenario Analysis image

The question is about building scenario analysis based on NPV for Carven cottages business to build a new stand for a football stadium. The answer is revealing which option is better for Carven Cottages owner to go...

By Accounting, Finance, Managerial Accounting, Excel
Fantastic Coffee Roaster and Academy Limited - Accounting Cycle image

This contains the details calculations and answers for Fantastic Coffee Roaster and Academy Limited. The answer contact complete accounting clycle which includes - analyzing the transactions - Journal entries - posting...

80 USD