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By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine Learning with Python - Classification using Supervised Algorithms,Visualization image

This project showcases the Classification using various ML Algorithms and Visualization of the data. It includes: Visualizing the data BoxPlot Histogram ScatterPlot Cross Tabulations Training and modeling...

By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine Learning With Python - Data Wrangling and Handling Numerical Data image

This project uses Python to clean the dataset. Here, the dataset has undergone data cleaning and is prepared for use with machine learning algorithms. It includes: Creating a Data Frame Describing the Data ...

biomedical hospital training report full image

hi dears, please review attached file for detailed report for biomedical hospital training period fully edited by biomedical doctors It contains: University Report format with logo and names distribution titles and...

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By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Fundamentals of Waste Water Treatment Processes image

Waste-water treatment is becoming more important in the light of diminishing water resources. The treatment of waste-water for reuse and disposal is particularly important for water scarce countries. The municipal...

By Asmaa Ali
Essay APA style with references: The Interconnection of Mathematics and Statistics image

Plagiarism-free Perfect essay about "The Interconnection of Mathematics and Statistics" written in APA style. Supported with references.

By Shujaat Ali
400 Most Important MCQs of Everyday Science with Answers For Job/Entry Tests & Interviews image

These Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] with Answers have been collected throughout my journey of appearing in various Job Tests having Everyday Science as an integral section. They, in my view, are the most repeated and...

By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water image

On successful completion of this course students will be able to: 1. Explain basic water chemistry 2. Identify the parameters that are involved in characterizing the drinking water safe or unsafe 3 .Recognize the...

By Guillermo Cocha
Electrical transient response image

What happens between the time a RLC circuit is powered up and when it reaches the steady state? In this exercise (see the figure), we'll find out the exponential current variation

By Anders Rojas
Diffussion of water vapor through air image

This product contains an example of how calculate or determine the rate of evaporation of water when the process is controlled for the mass transpor by diffussion. Water surface remains placid while the air initially...

By Statistics and Probability
Solved worksheets including Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Inference image

This product cointains the solved worksheets including Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Estimation and Hypothesis Testing. The solutions are provided in detail with explanation of the steps so students will be able...

By Kenneth
current controversial issue using tools of rhetoric to persuade a real world audience and image

Instructions write a 5-6-minute text in speech form on a current controversial issue using tools of rhetoric to persuade a real world audience. tools of rhetoric consistently, accurately, and purposefully use the...

By Kenneth
Education assignment on early childhood experiences image

Instructions *Describe what 3 most important practices associated with Developmentally Appropriate Practice and how these influence children’s early childhood experiences *create a list of questions that allows the...

By Kenneth
Racial/Cultural Identity Development Acculturation image

Instructions Please write a 350-400 words discussion board post using 2 sources. The first source should be taken from the 2 pictures I have attached, and the second source can be a peer-reviewed article of your choice....

By Kenneth
Health Communication activity 2 image

Instructions After analyzing your assigned public health campaign, compile your thoughts into a Word document and submit it here. Put your name and the name of your campaign at the top of the document. Use full...

By Kenneth
cross culture communication image

For those of you who believe in cross-cultural evangelism, describe an evangelistic method or technique that you believe to be useful when reaching out to persons from a culture different than your own. Cite in current...

By Kenneth
Discussion - What Is HRD Why Is It Important? Defining HRD, Performance, and Engagement image

Instructions: 1. Review the definitions of HRD presented in your readings as well as Module 1 Slide Presentation. Download Module 1 Slide Presentation. What do you consider to be the key components of HRD? Define those...

By Kenneth
Community Needs image

Instructions For this scholarly paper, the student will complete a Community Needs Assessment and identify a gap or need that is present. To do this, the student will use observational and objective research data to...

By Kenneth
Chapter 12 Human Variation and Adaptation (313-333) image

Answer the essay questions on the worksheets. Please answer them thoroughly and in your own words. You will not be given credit if it is copied word for word or copied and pasted from other sources. It is beneficial to...

By Kenneth
Why was the Ford Model T the most important invention of the 1900’s? image

Why was the Ford Model T the most important invention of the 1900’s Subject: History Sources: 3 sources required Citation Style: MLA Instructions 5 paragraph essay (7 sentences per paragraph) explaining why it is the...

By Kenneth
Cultural Assignment Adopt a Country Indigenous People image

Assignment Topic: Cultural Assignment Adopt a Country Indigenous People Subject: Other Instructions For this assignment research an indigenous population associated with your Adopted Country. Describe briefly (1) why...