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Bachelors/Undergraduate Laboratory resources

By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine Learning with Python - Classification using Supervised Algorithms,Visualization image

This project showcases the Classification using various ML Algorithms and Visualization of the data. It includes: Visualizing the data BoxPlot Histogram ScatterPlot Cross Tabulations Training and modeling...

By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine Learning With Python - Data Wrangling and Handling Numerical Data image

This project uses Python to clean the dataset. Here, the dataset has undergone data cleaning and is prepared for use with machine learning algorithms. It includes: Creating a Data Frame Describing the Data ...

By SW Strategic Research and Data Analytics Wing's
Basic Stata Interface Training Module image

This module serves as an introductory guide to navigating the basic STATA interface. Whether you're new to STATA or looking to refresh your knowledge, this module will help you become familiar with the essential...

By Dr Medicose
Spectrophotometer image

Explore these concise notes on spectrophotometers, covering types, applications, working principles, and significance. Learn about UV-Vis, infrared, and fluorescence spectrophotometers, their role in quantifying...

Network Engineering image

These are Packet Tracer , ENSP and GNS3 Files implementing hospital, banking, school/campus , multi-floored cooperates network designs. It also includes servers, IoT devices interconnection, cameras, Tv and VoIP...