Bachelors/Undergraduate Independent Work Packet resources

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Bachelors/Undergraduate Independent Work Packet resources

By KM Study & Solutions
Lexicographic, Ꜫ-constrained, Weighted Sum, & Minimax Methods with Graphical Presentations image

This 18-page document demonstrates four mathematical modelling approaches for multiobjective optimization, namely lexicographic method, Ꜫ-constrained method, weighted sum method, and modified weighted sum method with...

By SW Strategic Research and Data Analytics Wing's
Basic Stata Interface Training Module image

This module serves as an introductory guide to navigating the basic STATA interface. Whether you're new to STATA or looking to refresh your knowledge, this module will help you become familiar with the essential...

By Adugnaw silesh
Python code of Euler method image

Euler method is one Numetical methods to solve different ODE problems. I write python code for Euler method how to solve easly by using python simulation for both iteration value and graphs.

By Sarasawati Solutions
Questions and Solutions of exams of Aerospace Engineering image

In this paper, question bank and solution bank (Solved and typed by myself)of Aerospace Engineering is given. The questions given here came repeatedly in different international universities around the world. Few...