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Bachelors/Undergraduate Study Material

By KM Study & Solutions
Lexicographic, Ꜫ-constrained, Weighted Sum, & Minimax Methods with Graphical Presentations image

This 18-page document demonstrates four mathematical modelling approaches for multiobjective optimization, namely lexicographic method, Ꜫ-constrained method, weighted sum method, and modified weighted sum method with...

By Rashmi Raghunath
Nitrogen Fixation image

This ppt describes the nitrogen fixation process, which is the first step of the nitrogen cycle. It includes the steps, catalytic process, chemical reaction, energetics, discussion of nitrogenase structure and function...

By YCmath
Complex analysis summary notes image

This is a set of summary notes on complex analysis largely based on Boas's "Invitation to Complex Analysis and Stein-Shakarchi's "Complex Analysis" with a total of 38 pages.

By YCmath
Real analysis summary notes image

This is a set of summary notes for real analysis based on Folland's "Real Analysis" and has a total of 46 pages.

By YCmath
Differential geometry summary notes image

This is a set of summary notes on differential geometry based on Lee's "Introduction to Smooth Manifolds," Tu's "An Introduction to Manifolds," and do Carmo's "Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces." It has a...

By YCmath
General topology summary notes image

This is a set of summary notes on general topology based on Munkres's "Topology" with a total of 16 pages.

By YCmath
Abstract algebra summary notes image

This is a set of summary notes on abstract algebra largely based on Hungerford's "Algebra" and Roman's "Advanced Linear Algebra" that I made to prepare for a PhD qualifying exam. It has a total of 76 pages.

By Dr Radhika
Research Methodology - First step image

Researchers cannot miss this one!!! This document helps you enter the world of research at ease and helps your first steps in research easy..First step guide to research problem selection and literature review. Research...

By Ayesha Saddiqa
Difference Between Inertia and Moment of Inertia image

Ten fantastic points that differ between inertia and moment of Inertia, explain how moment of inertia is a rotational analog of Inertial mass.

By Mahraib Ali Rajput
Powders and Granules Assignment in PDF image

This is the detailed assignment that is written on powders and granules that are pharmaceutical products and play a crucial role in pharmaceutical field.

By Aniqa
*General Pharmacology Presentations with material from Lippincott and Katzung image

General pharmacology presentations with material from Lippincott and Katzung They include a total of 14 presentations with easy to understand language, perfect for healthcare professionals from diploma to Masters level...

By Guillermo Cocha
Flatness based control: A blood glucose regulation example image

Flat systems generalize linear systems, but controlling them requires different techniques than those used for many linear systems. Due to the flatness property, system variables can be expressed as functions of the...

By Statistics and Probability
Statistics for Social Sciences Solved Exercises image

This document contains selected solved exercises from the book "Statistical Methods For The Social Sciences (5th Edition) by Alan Agresti" from chapter 3 to chapter 7. All the steps are calculated and explained in...

By Prerna
Data Engineering Essentials: Comprehensive Study Notes image

Uncover the fundamentals of data engineering with our comprehensive study notes. Whether you're a working professional seeking a theoretical foundation, a beginner looking to dive into the world of data engineering, or...

By Dr Medicose
Hemoglobin Disorders image

Introducing our groundbreaking product focused on Hemoglobin disorders – a comprehensive guide that delves into the world of hemoglobin-related conditions. This meticulously crafted resource navigates through various...

By Asad Ali Kazmi
Complete guide to German A1-Level image

The Ultimate Guide to Basic German: Your Passport to Fluent Communication is now available! Are you prepared to begin your path towards language mastery? With our thorough "Ultimate Guide to German Language Basics," you...