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Bachelors/Undergraduate Lecture resources

By Hafsa Tariq
Mechanisms of Circular DNA Replication: A detailed Explanation. image

Mechanisms of Circular DNA Replication What is Circular DNA? What is Replication? Importance of Replication. Mechanisms of Replication. Comparison between Theta Replication and Rolling Circle Replication

By Hafsa Tariq
Edible Vaccines image

“EDIBLE VACCINES” A general review on Edible Vaccines; Mode of Action, Production, Alternative agents, Advantages, Limitations, Challenges and Future prospective.

By Yusra Atif
Active Tansport image

This the short pdf of slides of Active transport from Guyton and Hall textbook of physiology for giving lecture to first year MBBS and BDS students. This pdf includes all the important pictures of the topic.

By Sidra Javed
Phonological Disorder image

Outline •Phonology •Phonological/phonemic level •Motoric level •Phonological processes •Phonological disorder •Phonological vs Articulation disorder •Evaluation of phonological disorder •Therapeutic approaches

By Asmaa Ali
Clear Handwritten 19 Lectures of Vector Calculus Course image

Full content of the course with main concepts and topics are within the lectures. Many Eaxmples are included as a vital part to understand the concepts and to practice applying them.

By Judith Asturias

This learning material consists of the most fundamental lessons that anybody learning an Ilonggo/Hiligaynon dialect must first know. It covers the following topics with translation in English for easy understanding and...

By Aniqa
*General Pharmacology Presentations with material from Lippincott and Katzung image

General pharmacology presentations with material from Lippincott and Katzung They include a total of 14 presentations with easy to understand language, perfect for healthcare professionals from diploma to Masters level...

By Store of Finance and Accounting
Introduction to Islamic Finance image

Introduction to Islamic Finance Objectives What is Islamic Finance? Key Principles of Islamic Finance Question 1: Riba in Islamic Finance Solution 1: Prohibition of Riba Question 2: Gharar in Islamic Finance ...

By Store of Finance and Accounting
"Introduction to the Basics of Accounting" image

Introduction: Accounting is introduced as the language of business, used to track, summarize, and communicate financial information. The Accounting Equation: Explains the fundamental equation - Assets =...

By Asad Ali Kazmi
Complete guide to German A1-Level image

The Ultimate Guide to Basic German: Your Passport to Fluent Communication is now available! Are you prepared to begin your path towards language mastery? With our thorough "Ultimate Guide to German Language Basics," you...

By Syed Bilal
A complete Presentation on Personality image

The slides contain a brief description and research on the topic of Personality from a Psychological perspective, If you want to explore or deliver on the topic of Psychology this would be your best material to go with....

By Aakash Verma
Excellence in Software Engineering: PDFs and Hand Notes for Comprehensive Learning image

Embark on a transformative journey into the dynamic field of software engineering with our "Excellence in Software Engineering: PDFs and Hand Notes for Comprehensive Learning" online report. This meticulously curated...

By Aakash Verma
Comprehensive Operating Systems Mastery: PDFs and Hand Notes for Profound Learning image

Embark on an enlightening journey into the realm of operating systems with our "Comprehensive Operating Systems Mastery: PDFs and Hand Notes for Profound Learning" online report. This meticulously curated resource is...

By AJS TechVortex
Automation Testing -Selenium WebDriver Notes till TestNG image

In this PDF that deliver using Selenium with TestNG. These notes cover key techniques for smoothly integrating the two tools, managing test cases effectively, enabling parallel execution, and generating comprehensive...

By Aakash Verma
Comprehensive DBMS Course: PDFs and Hand Notes for Holistic Learning image

Embark on a learning journey like no other with our "Comprehensive DBMS Course: PDFs and Hand Notes for Holistic Learning." This unique online report is designed to provide you with an unparalleled educational...

By Waleed Shafiq
Water Supply and Waste Water Management Notes image

Field: Civil Engineering Subject: Water Supply and Waste Water Management Details: This course contains notes for the mentioned subject for undergraduate programs of B.E or B.Tech Civil Engineering. This course covers ;...

By Dr Medicose
Spectrophotometer image

Explore these concise notes on spectrophotometers, covering types, applications, working principles, and significance. Learn about UV-Vis, infrared, and fluorescence spectrophotometers, their role in quantifying...

By Gaurav Singh
Computer Science image

Computer science lectures involving basics of C programming and also data structure algorithms. Topics like stack queues hashgraphs

By Adnan Zaidi
Mathematics and Calculus lectures image

Exclusive lectures covering: CAIE O level Additional Mathematics and Maths Syllabus D AS and A level Mathematics [P1/ P3/ S1/ S2/ M1] College Calculus [Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3]

By Shinjini Ghosh
Sample Survey image

Contains details of different types of sampling techniques. Related theorems, proofs and examples. A note that can be helpful for college & university students as well as professionals.