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Expert Powerpoint resources

By Asmaa Ali
Types of Nuclear Reactions: Power Point Presentation image

The content is four slides. Each for each reaction type. The differentiation between the reactions is done by showing an example of each reaction and presenting its specific criteria. The presentation is genuine,...

By Juhaina
solomon's four group design image

This is a note of solomon's fpur group design which a part of statistics module . This note includes a discussion of solomon's four group with an example.

By Medical knowledge
Some common symptoms of GIT and their Differential Diagnosis image

In this package we are having power point slides of some common GIT symptoms with a list of their differential diagnosis . You will find it very useful and integrated. Thank You!!

By Wellness World
Pengurusan Emosi ke Arah Kecemerlangan Akademik image

Dalam slide ini, cikgu berkongsi dengan anda semua bagaimana pengurusan emosi boleh membantu meningkatkan pencapaian akademik pelajar.Khas untuk adik-adik yang bakal menduduki peperiksaan Darjah 6, Sekolah Menengah dan...

By Midhila K
*PPT explaining Divide and Conquer rule and Merge Sort image

PPT explaining divide and conquer algorithm in brief and clear manner with a detailed explanation of example Merge sort including algorithm and code.